You can finally sync your Android to your Windows PC

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iPhone works seamlessly Mac—PSimilar to calls and messages, one hotos appears in the other.But what if you are on the other side? With a fence Would you like to use Windows and Android instead?

Over the past few years, Microsoft has been working hard to bring such integration to Android smartphones. As you can see from the new PhoneLink app, the work seems to be paying off.

What are you doing Phone link app??

The Phone Link app allows you to pair your Android smartphone with your Windows 10 or Windows 11 PC. Once paired wirelessly (using the new QR code-based workflow), your PC will be able to receive Android notifications on your PC. You can also send messages and access your photo library just like on a Mac...

How to set up PhoneLink app on Android and PC

Before using Phone link, Requires a little setup. On Android smartphones Link to Windows app.. On Windows, the Phone Link app is pre-installed, but it may not have been updated, so Open the Microsoft Store, search for the Phone Link app, Available updates.

So Open the PhoneLink app on your PC. click “Introduction“Button. Open the link to the Windows app on your Android smartphone and open it.[携帯電話とPCをリンクする” ボタン。

OPCの場合、Androidアプリがインストールされているかどうかを尋ねるメッセージが表示されます。 クリック “QRコードとペアリング” ボタン。 これにより、PCにQRコードが表示されます。 Androidスマートフォンでは、アプリはQRコードの準備ができているかどうかを尋ねます。 「継続する」ボタンを押して、WindowsPCに表示されるQRコードをスキャンします。

必要なものを付与する 権限 プロセスが終了するのを待ちます。 PCには、アプリを使用して実行できるすべての機能の概要が表示されます。 クリック “はじめに” ボタン 電話リンクアプリは 使用する準備ができて。 上部から、[メッセージ],[写真],[アプリ],[通話]You can switch tabs. Notifications are displayed on the left.

There is one last step needed, it is “■ Notification relay settings. From the Phone Link app, in the left sidebar[通知]Click the section. You will now be asked for permission to sync your notifications. Click the “Open Settings on Phone” button. As a result, “Device and app notificationsSettings section. “Link to WindowsOpen the app and enable the toggle next to it. “to approveClick the “” button in the pop-up box to complete the settings.

New notifications automatically flow to your Windows PC, yWill be able to displayreplyYou can send messages, receive calls, and copy photos all from the PhoneLink app.

You can finally sync your Android to your Windows PC

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