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You can finally repair your own Apple device (with Apple’s help)

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If your iPhone’s display breaks or your battery runs out, your first instinct may be to make a reservation at Apple’s Genius Bar. For a long time, that’s exactly what Apple wanted. But times have changed. People want to repair their devices and have the resources to repair them safely and accurately.Apple finally We have opened an online store to support this desire for self-healing and, in fact, allow users to do it.

What is Apple’s Self-Healing Program?

For those of us following Right to Repair, it’s a bit unrealistic to see Apple’s cave on this issue. For years, the company has made repairing your own technique a real pain in the ass. Apple prohibits users and third-party repair shops from accessing critical schematics that help repair the device. They will withhold device parts, We also design features that break when the OS detects a third-party component. In short, the company wanted you to go through them for all repairs and forget to choose another store, or —God forbids —Fix the device yourself.

It begins to change at Apple’s “self-service repair shop” launched on Wednesday, April 27th. I didn’t know when the site would be up and running, but its existence isn’t necessarily news.society Announced the program in NovemberThis was a welcome surprise for us following the repair rights movement. Once the program is fully functional, you can order iPhone or Mac parts directly from Apple, access manuals for accurate repair information, or rent tools to ensure you get the equipment you need for repairs. You will be able to do it.

However, at this time, this program is for iPhone only and the number is limited. Unfortunately, it’s not shocking, as Apple announced at the November briefing as well. In fact, it has additional iPhone support at launch. Apple initially stated that only the iPhone 12 and 13 models would be part of the initial rollout, but now third-generation iPhone SEs are also supported.

How to order parts to repair your iPhone

I think this process is the same for iPhone repairs and Mac repairs, but it’s currently limited to iPhones, so let’s see how it works.

To get started, go To Apple’s official self-service repair shop.. When the page loads, you might think you clicked the wrong link because the site feels very different from Apple, You are in the right place. The first thing to do, especially if you are new to technical repairs, is to read the repair manual for your device. Apple needs a specific manual ID to complete your order, so you need it, even if you don’t think you need it. Click Read Manual to go to Apple’s manual database and search for your device here. For example, the iPhone 12 mini manual is 81 pages long and contains all the features you need to know about the tools and parts you need, all the components of your device, how to disassemble them, and more.

Once you know how to repair your device, you can proceed with the ordering process. If you want to return to the self-service repair page, you can select Start Order. Here you can specify the product (iPhone), product model (such as iPhone 12 mini), and repair type. Apple currently supports the following repairs:

  • battery
  • Bottom speaker
  • camera
  • screen
  • SIM tray
  • Taptic engine

When you select a repair type, you will see all the different parts you can order. Apple puts the recommended choices at the top of the list. This is usually a bundle of all the parts needed for repair, but if you only need specific parts, you can always select them individually from the list below. Prices vary, but are roughly in line with what you would expect to pay to get Apple to repair the technology.

Sometimes it’s a bit cheaper: Apple charges $ 329 for the replacement of the iPhone 12 Pro Max display, but the display bundle costs $ 311.95. There are also rebates for sending old and broken parts, which will invalidate some of the costs, but you’ll need to borrow Apple’s tools to complete the procedure ($ 49 a week, so don’t be late). Fix yours).To see if it makes sense to do the repair yourself, you need to set the price for the entire situation Or take the device to an expert instead.

When you choose what to order, Apple will ask for your device’s serial number or IMEI to continue. This is a requirement and step for purchasing parts through Apple’s self-service repair program. Criticism from iFixit For giving too much power to the company to prevent future repairs. Still, this is a requirement, so you need to provide this information at this time to continue. Apple has steps to find one of these numbers here if needed.

You will also need to enter the repair manual ID for this device. This is a precautionary measure to at least make sure you have opened the repair manual before ordering. Again, Apple has instructions on where to find this ID if needed.

Once approved, make sure you have everything you need before ordering. Instead of paying for the parts and waiting for them to ship, you just realize that you forgot to include the rental tools.This emphasizes the importance of reviewing the manual before checking out, so you can know exactly what you need to order...

You can finally repair your own Apple device (with Apple’s help)

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