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You can finally get your personal information from google

Image of an article titled You Can Finally Get Your Personal Information From Google that you can finally get personal information from Google

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This week, Google announced that people will be able to request Remove personal contact information from Search results. Tech companies allow the withdrawal of phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses To protect users from unnecessary direct contact and physical harm.

Google Search Global Policy Reader, Michelle Chan, The blog post explains: “Open access to information is an important search goal, but it’s also important to provide people with the tools they need to protect individuals and keep sensitive personal information private. We’ve updated it to give users more control over their online presence in search. “

Perhaps the motivation for changing Google’s policies is the rise in online fraud. According to TelTechIn March 2022, 11.6 billion fraudulent messages were sent to the American wireless network. Continued rise in RobocallAnd that fact Federal Trade Commission reports 70% year-over-year increase With the money lost to scammers, it’s easy to see why Google thought it was time to change their identifiable information policy in Google Search.

If you want Contact information has been deleted From googleVisit This google site Specifies the information to remove from Google search results. You can choose from the following categories:

  • Contact information such as address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Government-issued ID number
  • Bank account or credit card number
  • Image of handwritten signature and ID document
  • Limited Personal Medical documents
  • Confidential login credentials

You will receive an automatic response from Google and Google will confirm your information. Google does not process all requests, but if they decide to take action, you will be contacted by them. It should be noted that if Google decides to delete the information, it is only deleted. From google.. Whatever source they receive information from, it remains on the Internet for the website that hosts it. To remove it completely from the internet, you need to contact the third party.

You can finally get your personal information from google

Source link You can finally get your personal information from google

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