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You can design your own “official” emoji

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Have you ever been composing a text message and scrolled through your emoji selections and noticed that you didn’t have what you needed to express your emotions or situations? If so, or just have a great idea for a new emoji, now’s your chance: Unicode ConsortiumThe non-profit organization responsible for emoji indexing is currently accepting applications.

Here’s how to submit your own designs and ideas, and what your application needs:

How to prepare for emoji submission

Emojis are already abundant, even if they don’t automatically appear on your mobile phone. Therefore, you need to do some homework before creating further work for yourself and the Unicode Consortium people.

First, check if you have an emoji idea Already approved.. If not, check to see if someone has already submitted the same idea. Under review..

This particular page is especially useful when putting together an application because it shows which designs have been approved and rejected, and you can see what the group is looking for and what they are not looking for. Along the same line, Selection element to exclude,and Examination criteria..

Also take Time to consult the Emoji Subcommittee Priority, Guidelines, strategy, ReportWhen audit..Finally, the proposed emoji May be used frequently, why.

This video featuring Jennifer Daniel, chair of the Unicode Consortium Subcommittee, may also help answer some questions.

How to submit a new emoji idea

Unicode Consortium Very detailed submission procedure, Includes how to complete and submit the application. Be careful not to skip the fields on the form. Incomplete proposals will not be processed and will be returned.

The deadline for submission is July 31, 2022.

You can design your own “official” emoji

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