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You can block those annoying cookie banners on all websites

Image of article titled You Can Block Those Annoying Cookie Banners On All Websites that all websites can block these annoying cookie banners

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There are many things that make you feel like you are living the hellish life of dystopia by browsing the internet. Annoying cookie banners and consent forms are at the top of the list. Most websites are legally required to display these notices and consent to the use of cookies. However, it also blocks most of the websites you are trying to load.let’s do it Please fix this on all devices.

Block cookie banners on your desktop

Regardless of the platform you are using, you can easily install a browser extension to block cookie notifications. Super agent A free extension that works on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.It is built to automatically remove the cookie banner and will pass For almost everything The website to access. The extension settings page allows you to customize which cookies you accept and which cookies you deny. This is an important feature: YI don’t want to use it Add-ons that accept automatically all Cookies for all websites you visit.

If you don’t want to install a dedicated extension for this purpose, You can use uBlock Origin instead of. By default it blocks annoying long lists, but you need to manually enable cookies-Pay attention to the block list. Click the uBlock Origin icon to go To Settings> Filter list> Annoying..Valid EasyList Cookie Hide the cookie banner.

Please note that automatically blocking cookie notifications may prevent some websites from loading completely. Therefore, you can consider using uBlock Origin’s element hiding feature instead. When the website displays the cookie notification, click the uBlock Origin extension icon from your browser toolbar to Eyedropper icon..

This goes into the element-Picker mode: HHover your mouse cursor over the cookie notification until the entire banner is selected and click once on the entire banner to Create a filter In a pop-up window. You may need to do this manually for multiple websites, but it’s a one-time task for each website you visit, with just a few clicks.

Block cookie banners on iPhone and iPad

As long as your iPhone and iPad have been updated to iOS 15, you can use some Great Safari extension Block the hassle on the web. but, Super agent Still the best cookie-Notification handler for iPhone and iPad. It loads a cookie banner and automatically accepts or rejects cookies based on your taste. It takes about a second after the website loads, but you don’t need to do anything after enabling it. expansion.

Block cookie banners on Android

If you are using Firefox on Android You can install the uBlock Origin browser add-on to block cookie notifications for all websites. If not, Your best bet is to use an ad blocker like this: AdGuard for Android, Also blocks cookie banners on various websites. Unfortunately, these types of apps aren’t allowed on Google Play, so you may need to sideload them to your smartphone.

You can block those annoying cookie banners on all websites

Source link You can block those annoying cookie banners on all websites

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