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You can block certain iPhone contacts from displaying the “focus” status

Image of an article titled You can block certain iPhone contacts from displaying that certain iPhone contacts can be blocked from showing “focus” status

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Apple Focus function, Introduced in iOS 15Helps keep the iPhone out of the way. A customizable “silent” profile blocks notifications if they cannot respond. iOS notifies your contacts that the notification is muted so it doesn’t bother you. However, these statuses give people the option to be notified anyway. This loses some of the ability to filter interruptions. It’s not clear, but you can turn off these statuses for certain contacts while still enjoying the benefits of Focus.

Apple makes you think you need to show your focus status to everyone

Jump into the settings app[フォーカス]If you check the section, you won’t find an option to block the focus status for a particular contact. For each focus you are using[フォーカスステータス]under[フォーカスステータスの共有]There is an on / off switch for, but this setting is not at all or at all. If disabled, the status of this focus will not be visible to contacts. This is not very intuitive. .. Still, if you leave the setting on, Everyone Who will send you a message while you are in focus will see the status.

On the surface, it seems necessary to decide on either scenario. Allows all contacts to view their status, and by default allows all contacts to be annoyed with the “Notify Anyway” option.Or allow none Check the number of contacts, check their status, and wonder why they don’t respond to messages for hours.

How to disable focus status for certain iPhone contacts

The trick here is to know exactly who is blocking the display of focus status. If you decide you don’t want to share such status with a particular contact, pull up the message thread with the contact, then tap the contact’s name. from here,[フォーカスステータスの共有]If you turn off the toggle next to, the contact will not see the focus status in chat.

Now, the advantage here is that the message to you still adheres to your focus rules: if you have it and you don’t receive an alert from your contacts, you’re in this contact. I do not receive any notifications from the destination. And since they haven’t seen your status, there’s no option to notify you anyway: it ensures that you don’t receive unwanted text during your focus session. If you want to start sharing focus status with this contact, repeat the process and re-enable sharing focus status.

I hope Apple will be able to customize these stats a bit more in the future. For now, it’s a simple message, no matter what focus you’re in. If the alert is muted (named Jake), The contact will read “Jake has turned off the notification”. Apple wants to bring Slack-like status to iMessage: you can be more specific about what you’re doing, so they’ll explain why you can’t respond. I know. Alternatively, you can change the message according to your contact information. Accurate planning with specific people, but With others, you keep things in general.

For now, you need to use this current system.At least we can Change settings for each contact: It took too long to find out that the settings in the Settings app are not all-or-nothing options.


You can block certain iPhone contacts from displaying the “focus” status

Source link You can block certain iPhone contacts from displaying the “focus” status

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