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You can actually do something about how clumsy you are

Image of an article titled You Can Actually Do Something About How Clumsy You Are that you can actually do something about how clumsy you are

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We are all Stub toes, Spilled a cup of coffee, I curled my ankle and dropped the pen during a big meeting. But if you think you’re clumsy, these are not only the occasional annoyances, but also the everyday part of your life. Being clumsy may seem like one of those immutable personality traits, but it isn’t.You really It has the power to stop hitting things all the time.

How to understand why you are clumsy

Are you always hitting things because you’re in a hurry? Is the prescription for glasses a little old? Are you distracted? Are you out of balance?There are many reasons why you could show klutzy behavior, and you should start Narrowing Bring them down.

Jason Harrison, strength coach and co-owner of Present Tense Fitness in Dayton, OhioHe explained that clumsiness could result from imbalance, poor eyesight, or an underlying medical condition, so he told them a series of things before working with someone who described himself as clumsy. Ask a question. It is also important to consider whether this is new to you, as recent bouts of discord may more easily point out a particular cause.

Even if you don’t know the cause easily, it’s not embarrassing to talk to your doctor, especially If clumsiness is your first time.

Try strength training

Training and exercise have many benefits, most of which can be associated with look and feel, but overall fitness also affects how you move around the world.

“One of the things we know is to improve with good, solid, smart strength training. This is essentially our body’s ability to know where it is in the universe. Depending on your training experience, proprioceptive sensation can improve quite dramatically. In many cases, this can happen very quickly. “ Harrison said..

Harmonize with your unique body

Harrison also said that one can encounter two types of barriers to intentional movement. Organizational and emotional barriers or skill-based barriers.

“From an organizational and emotional point of view, people often have barriers to intentional movements related to how they feel about their body,” he says, as an example around a mirror. Pointed out that he does not want to go to the gym resulting from discomfort and previous experience Another person is called “not athletics”.

When it comes to building skills, he suggested working one-on-one with a trainer or coach. Even if you don’t like fitness or strength training, you can learn a lot about body efficiency. It stays with you in the real world even after a day away from the gym.

Try these exercises and practices

Stephanie Weyrauch, a Connecticut physiotherapy doctor, offered the following exercises for those who want to improve their clumsiness.

  • Single leg stance. This is a great balance exercise. Stand with your feet together and grab a stable object such as a bar or chair. Lift one foot off the ground so that it does not touch, “Consider lifting the arch of the foot and squeezing the buttock muscles together.”
  • Diaphragmatic breathing. This can help you connect with your body and raise your awareness of it, Weyrauch said. Place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen and inhale through your nose without moving your chest. Lift your abdominal hand toward the ceiling. Finally, exhale through your mouth with force, as if you were blowing out a candle. repeat.

“Tripping can occur as a result of weakness in the ankles and lower back,” she said. “These exercises help improve muscle coordination and joint proprioception.”

You can actually do something about how clumsy you are

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