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You are wrong about “beer before liquor”

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There are many myths burned into Drinking culture. For example, if you pee while you are out at night, you will see “Broken the seal, “But that’s not true. You also “Dog hair” can help you get over a hangover, That is also wrong.. Another old saying that is thrown a lot? “Beer before liquor, never get sick. Sake before liquor, in a clear state.”

The claim suggests that if you start the night with beer before switching to the harder one, you will get sick either that night or the next day, but if you start the night with the harder one and move to beer, you fine.teeth that truth? Let’s check.

Why do people say this and believe it?

We have all drank too much before. Everyone knows what it feels like to sleep with a sickness, wake up feeling sick, and have a terrible headache the next day.The fact is that we are responsible for being too spoiled Every time, it’s easier to hold something else accountable. In this case, the order in which many drinks were consumed the night before...

It’s common to start the night with beer at tailgates, kickbacks, pre-games, etc., so once you get to the bar and the party feels stronger, you tend to blame your order before moving on to shots or mixed drinks. maybe. The amount of liquor consumed. This is understandable, but wrong.

Why is this maxim wrong?

This is the problem: alcohol is alcohol. Whatever kind of alcohol it is, it can intoxicate you and cause a hangover. Similarly, you can still get sick.There is no magical liquor or beer that prevents you from feeling the gloss Excessive drinking.. (If so, you definitely know now.) And tI have a word for his surgery that too many..

For each health lineAlcohol begins to be absorbed into the bloodstream the moment it hits the stomach, so by the time you feel a hangover the next day, you have already taken it. Everything I drank the night before. The order is actually irrelevant.That article too Point out order What kind of alcohol is absorbed May consume more than if certain people did the opposite.. Look at your own habits. Is it more likely that you will agree when a friend declares it’s time for a shot after beer is talked about? On the contrary, are you tired of the idea of ​​stuffing beer after drinking a few mixed drinks?

While it is clear that this is subjective and entirely based on one’s own habits, there is also some solid scientific evidence to support the false claim that the order of drinking is quite important. A Studies published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2019 After dispelling the myth and investigating 90 participants, it was discovered that “the type and order of alcoholic beverages consumed did not significantly affect the intensity of the hangover.”

The research was also revealed A different but similar urban legend that I am a strong supporter of myself: “grape or grain, but never two.” (StupidlyI believe some people swear they won’t have a hangover the next day as long as they stick to the same type of drink all night. Still, wResearch effectively drains water or sheds light Beer, if you like-all over that The theory, I’m still sticking to it, but with solid knowledge, it’s bullshit. why?whether Because I drink less when I stick to to I really believe that some alcohol, or placebo effect, will make you feel better the next day conduct If you do not mix the poison, the adverse effects will be less. (Because, well, alcohol is actually a poison.)

If there is Myth resonates with youPlease feel free to use it as a guide when you go out next time.Know that there is no science to back it up, and The real cause of a morning with less hangover is You have made a better choice.If a catchy rhyme helps you Act more Responsibly —Feel the li and reduce the chance of waking upke You were hit by a truck —I say you keep doing you.

You are wrong about “beer before liquor”

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