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Why your seeds don’t germinate

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Our elementary school science class may have taught you the basics of seeds and how to plant them, but you probably understand that if you’re used to gardening as an adult, you have a lot to learn. prize. And unfortunately, growing plants is not as easy as putting some seeds in the soil and adding water and sunlight.

For example, your seed may not germinate, even if you seem to be doing everything right. After all, sReeds are more capricious than most people understand. Here are some of the reasons why you are not germinating.

Why your seeds don’t germinate

I followed the instructions. You were waiting and waiting. Still, the seeds you have planted have not yet begun to sprout. To avoid a similar situation in the future, here are some possible reasons why it might happen:


Yes, seeds need water to grow, Give them too much And you run the risk of drowning them. Excessive watering can also kill useful bacteria in the soil and spoil the flooded seeds.

Something ate them

Just because your seeds are on the ground does not mean they are safe from predators.Seeds may not germinate due to creatures such as mice, voles, birds and wire worms Eat them for lunch.

They are not saved correctly

Seed Store in a dry airtight container In a cool place in your home, garage, or hut. If the seeds get too hot, they may not be able to germinate.Excessive moisture can lead to Same result-even if the seeds are not technically wet, even in humid areas.

They were planted deep in the soil

Be careful when sowing seeds: when planting seeds Too far Once in the soil, it may run out of steam before it reaches the soil and appears to have not germinated.

Why your seeds don’t germinate

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