Why your dog smells worse than their friends

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No one expects a dog to smell good (unless you’re a big dog fan) Corn chip scent). But sometimes they can really stink. No, I’m not talking about flatulence after cheese or the smell of soaking in the ditch water. It means an unpleasant odor that tells you something is wrong.

If you try to give off the usual stink Strategy and your dog still stinks, it can be a lot of different issues. Here’s what you need to know:

Why does a dog smell bad?

The unpleasant odor from a puppy probably means something is happening, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s serious.

A common reason why your dog smells bad

according to Sala Ochoa, DVM, Veterinarian at the White House Veterinary Hospital in White House, Texas SeniorTailWaggers.comSHere are some of the most common reasons why your dog’s scent isn’t ideal:

  • earwax
    “Often, cleaning your dog’s ears with an enzyme-based earpick helps break down the waxy debris in your dog’s ears,” Ochoa tells Lifehacker.
  • Dental disease
    “If your dog has a mild dental illness, giving something like dental treatment or brushing at home can help reduce tartar buildup,” she explains.
  • Yeast or bacterial infection of the skin
    “For mild skin infections Oatmeal baths usually help solve these problems, “says Ochoa.
  • Anal gland problems
    “If your dog has anal gland problems, you or your groomer can represent these glands,” she adds.

Fundamental health

Stinks may indicate that the dog has a fundamental health problem. According to Ochoa, some of these are:

  • Severe otitis media
    “Your dog Ear infections If you have odorous secretions or pus from your ears, it’s best to see a prescription drug, “says Ochoa.
  • Urinary-tract infection
    “Some dogs have urinary tract infections that cause the sense of smell,” she explains. “This scent may disappear in the bath, but usually returns quickly in a few hours.”
  • Severe dental disease
    “If your dog’s teeth are very bad, their mouth and breathing can smell really bad,” says Ochoa. “No matter what you do at home, if your dog’s breath stinks, you’ll need to clean your teeth at the vet’s office.”

When looking at your vet

If your dog smells, Ochoa tells you to keep an eye out for these other signs that something more serious is happening to your dog:

  • Lethargy
  • Do not eat or drink
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • Weight loss

“Most dogs start to smell good again after bathing,” Ochoa explains. “If your dog smells bad after bathing, it’s best to see a veterinarian. They can find the source of the infection, treat the problem, and give the dog the right medicine to help stop the sense of smell. I can help. ”

Why your dog smells worse than their friends

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