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Why you want to take a shower before running

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When it comes to that Run in the heat, I’m a sissy. (When it comes to many things, I’m a sissy.) After running in the spring marathon, I resumed training and had a hard time getting out and putting myself in the summer weather. Then I remembered one of my hacks that I usually book for pre-race nerves: a fast shower.

You may think it doesn’t make sense Sweat and take a shower just before you need to take a shower again. But if you’re like me, a quick pre-run rinse may be what you need to solve your summer running slump. This post is inspired by my own experience support until This blog post from ReadySetMarathon..

Benefits of taking a shower before running

For me, the biggest benefit of a quick shower is how to wake up before running. My secret is to stick to cold water and keep the shower for just a minute or two until I feel properly energized. Cold showers are often associated with cool-downs, but quick rinses are a surefire hack to wake up enough to start your morning workout.

Second, cold water wonders how it makes it easier to get out in the heat. The effect doesn’t last long, but it’s enough as a mental boost to get out of the door in the summer. Obviously, it would be desirable to soak in a cool pool. I will do it.

Disadvantages of taking a shower before running

The most obvious reason to avoid pre-execution rinsing is that it is useless in several different ways. First, if you know you need to take a shower after training, you may find it a waste of time and energy.

On a larger scale, the two showers are a waste of water. Why it causes an additional environmental load Especially now??Probably stick to Cold showAfter running r, it is the most responsible thing you can do.


If you need to do something new on a hot summer morning, try taking a shower. If that doesn’t work, at least you’re saving water. Most runners have some sort of ritual that is a bit more spiritual than scientific. For me, a minute or two of a shower makes all the difference to my summer workouts.

Why you want to take a shower before running

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