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Why you shouldn’t use a screen protector on your MacBook

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You may want to add a screen protector to your new shiny MacBook.After all, many of us have screen protectors on our new shiny iPhones to keep them going. high Is displayed. You’ll think the same philosophy applies to the MacBook screen. May cost more to fix than iPhone display.. But that’s not the case.

MacBook display is different from iPhone display

The problem is that the MacBook display isn’t made of the same material as the iPhone display. Apple has an anti-reflective coating on its laptop display to reduce glare and increase contrast. Normally, you will not notice this coating. It is not something that can be peeled off like a factory protective sticker. Rather, it’s an invisible layer on the display. If you can’t see it, why do you think it was there?

However, many who have discovered the existence of this coating are those who have applied screen protectors to their MacBooks. When the screen protector is on the display, everything is fine. As with the iPhone, you’ll see a layer of protectors, below which is the actual display. no problem.

This issue occurs when you remove the screen protector. Maybe the material hits and looks ugly due to cracks and other damage. Perhaps you’re tired of seeing this protective layer on your screen and decide that it’s worth removing it to get the MacBook display to look as Apple intended.

In any case, when you remove the screen protector, the protector’s adhesive is very likely to remove the anti-reflective coating on your MacBook. Not all coatings will come off, but it can take a considerable amount of time. Some MacBooks are already susceptible to stains on the anti-reflective coating, Apple has a repair program for these devicesHowever, damage from screen protectors may not be covered. You can receive this Redditors experience as a PSA: THey was sad and frustrated to remove their screen protector from their MacBook and see what it left behind.

Screen protector can completely destroy MacBook display

There is also a risk of physical screen damage, especially from thicker glass screen protectors. First of all, these screen protectors are often too thick to close the MacBook properly, but that’s not a good thing in itself. If you close the laptop tightly, the screen protector may hit the bottom case and damage the screen. .. In addition, when removing the glass, the force exerted to pull it away from the display can damage the glass and cause the display to fail altogether. This Redditor is shown in their post..

In actual use, MacBook screen protectors aren’t really needed in the first place. Unlike the iPhone, the MacBook display never gets in or out of an exposed pocket or bag. Being a laptop, the display is usually closed and fully protected each time the laptop is moved. Sure, it’s open to the world while you’re working, but because it’s connected to a larger machine, it can fall or bump. Much less than the iPhone.

If you need to use a MacBook screen protector

If you For real If your Mac requires a screen protector, you need to choose it carefully. Glass protectors can break or shatter the screen, and adhesive-based films can strip the anti-reflective coating. Apple’s website has such a non-adhesive thin protector. Kensington magnetic screen protector Or this Detachable option from Belkin..

Still, it’s a good idea to leave nothing between the screen and the keyboard when closing the laptop.that’s why Do not use the keyboard cover (Among other reasons), and why, if you bought one of these protectors, you might want to remove it before storing your MacBook.

Why you shouldn’t use a screen protector on your MacBook

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