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Why you shouldn’t throw your family’s goldfish into the pond

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If you’re a standard goldfish owner and wake up one morning and decide that your pet owner isn’t for you, you can free your aquatic friends in a local pond to survive the golden year. I can do it. Natural habitat. I’m here to let you know that you should never do that.

According to a study conducted by a research team at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, the release of pet goldfish into local ponds and lakes can cause significant damage to these ecosystems. Regarding the impact of goldfish on the inhabitants of other ponds, researcher James Dickey told Tree Hugger“Our study showed a greedy appetite for live insect larvae, but in reality it has a very wide range of diets and eats other fish, roes, amphibians and aquatic plants. It has been shown that their existence itself influences the reproductive behavior of newts. that too. “He further explains that their diet affects the clarity of water, which affects the sunlight that reaches aquatic plants and causes algae outbreaks.

So what should you do if you have a goldfish that goes beyond that welcome??? There are several options.Suppose you have provided your pet to family and friends who have already shown an interest in aquarium maintenance orAquatic pet, but couldn’t find a taker, look for A local aquarium group or animal sanctuary that may accept your goldfish. If that’s not enough, check out the following websites: Don’t let met looseA group dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership, what to see Rehoming options available In your state.In addition, many communities are rescuing local fish...

If everything else fails, you can always go to the store where you bought your fish and try to explain to them why you can no longer take care of it, but they There is no guarantee that it will be removed from your hands. When To future goldfish owners: Before you bring the goldfish home, know what you are working on. It’s more work than you think, so if you’re on the fence about taking responsibility, it’s best to wait for it.

Why you shouldn’t throw your family’s goldfish into the pond

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