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Why you shouldn’t refrigerate watermelon

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Summer is approaching, but the weather here at PNW is the hardest to convince me in other ways. Heavy rains, gray skies, and constant drizzles interrupted by hail of all sizes are consistently oppressive norms. The only evidence of changing seasons is in the produce corridors. Spring onions, Asparagus, and berries begin to drip: These plant parts allow me to enjoy the season, even when the weather is cold and crap. And soon it’s the melon season, and then I’ll know it’s summer.

Watermelon feels particularly summery. (I like me A little salt— —Have mustard). Cooling the melon makes it cooler and more refreshing when you mow the lawn or jogging in the morning, but you don’t want to keep the melon in the fridge.by National Watermelon Promotion CommitteeDoing so can affect the taste and texture:

Store watermelon at 50-59 ° F. However, 55 ° F is the ideal temperature. If you receive the watermelon refrigerated, do not break the cold chain and refrigerate. Watermelon is stored at room temperature for 7-10 days. After 2 days at 32 ° F, the watermelon gives off an offensive odor, punctures and loses color. When frozen, the skin crumbles, giving it a powdery, muddy texture. After cutting the melon, wrap it and store it at 9-36 ° F.

And according to Tasting tableWatermelons stored in the refrigerator are actually less nutritious than watermelons stored at warm temperatures.

But refrigeration isn’t just about taste and color. It also affects nutritional levels, as shown in studies conducted by the USDA Agricultural Research Service. Antioxidant levels are higher with watermelon at room temperature. Medical News Today explains that unrefrigerated watermelons have 20% higher lycopene and double beta-carotene levels. (The color of the watermelon may be lost when refrigerated, and the darker the color, the higher the level of lycopene.)

According to meAnyway, fruits at room temperature taste better. Cold can reduce the intensity of certain flavors, and although this topic is not well understood by the scientific community, room temperature fruits are read as more juicy, sweeter and more fragrant.

Therefore, unless you buy pre-cut or chilled melons or have cut-up leftovers, keep your fruits in a cool place in the kitchen. If your home is a little hotter than 59℉ (and most of the time), don’t feel too stressed. Melons may not be eaten at a 70 degree counter for 10 days, but since they haven’t eaten watermelon for more than a day or two at home, they taste better (and therefore can be eaten). Store at refrigerator temperature. Much faster than the melons that have been made.

Why you shouldn’t refrigerate watermelon

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