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Why you shouldn’t message strangers on PlayStation Network

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It’s not too surprising to hear that strangers who play games online aren’t always “friendly.”anyone who has experienced modern warfare 2 Robbie from the time has the battle scars to prove it. But in 2022, trolls are still alive and well, trying to turn your online gaming experience into a living hell. If your instinct is to respond to harassers and tell them what’s what, here’s some advice. please do not.

In the now-deleted post on r/PS4, Reddit user findclarityhere told the story of messaging a group of strangers on PSN. According to the Redditor, the group was constantly harassing the game. red dead redemption 2, making the experience essentially unplayable. Finding clarity here, as you would in real life, sent a message to the group, effectively telling them to buzz off.

The Redditor simply called the stranger a “loser,” but the crime was clearly unforgivable. they, using the message as evidence. Almost immediately, PSN banned the Redditor from playing online for seven days. justice.

The story itself has been removed by the r/PS4 mod, but the discussion below is very lively, with readers sharing similar stories of frustration with PSN trolls. Did RDR2 Online, how he was targeted and killed every time he spawned in-game. This could be the goal of all trolls online. Others speak more generally, saying that messaging strangers in online games is never a good idea, while others vow to play online forever.

There are some things to unpack here. First, I tend to agree that messaging strangers who are trying to mess with you, whether on PSN or elsewhere on the Internet, is rarely a good idea. There’s a reason for the adage, “Don’t feed me.” Even if you try to keep your cool, anonymous bastards don’t get any attention. Of course, their ultimate goal is to cheer you up, whether you’re laughing at your anger or playing UNO’s reverse card and suffering the consequences of their bad behavior.

Unfortunately, PSN’s policy in particular seems to be one of unacceptable. If they receive multiple reports against you and are found to have interacted negatively with those reporters in any way, it will be banned. Is it a bit extreme to ban him for a week? But given how harmful online games can be, teeth Sony takes harassment seriously.

So the moral of the story here is: Do not send messages to strangers on PSN. In other words, don’t send messages to strangers. Especially don’t send messages on platforms that could punish you immediately in lieu of trolls. A better approach is to simply ban harassers and play online games in peace.

Why you shouldn’t message strangers on PlayStation Network

Source link Why you shouldn’t message strangers on PlayStation Network

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