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Why you shouldn’t make your own milk powder

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When you make your own food, it doesn’t hurt much to experiment. If you completely ruin a recipe, you probably won’t eat it and die.Imagine you had one homemade recipe right now Literally the only food you are allowed to eat for 6 months. THis stakes are a little higher.

Adult humans have eaten non-ideal foods without causing serious health problems.We asked that question This post on whether eating only ramen causes scurvy.. But when you’re talking about babies —That only little person The job is to double the size in the first five months of life.The exact nutrition they get is really important.

or, Quote American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

The first year of life is an important time for a baby’s brain and body to grow. If a baby does not get enough of an important portion of infant formula, even for days or weeks, the baby will have a long-term impact on his or her ability and may grow well at school. Lack of these nutrients can lead to serious health problems and even death.

The Food and Drug Administration recently Advisory Please note that we have recently received reports that babies need to be hospitalized due to low blood calcium levels due to drinking homemade infant formula.

The FDA approves the infant formula purchased at the store, Test the nutritional components of the finished milk (to make sure that the nutrients in the ingredients actually went through the manufacturing process). Milk company has dProven That their products promote the healthy growth of babies. FDA will no Do the same for homemade recipes.

So if you’ve seen recipes passed on social media, someone says their grandma used that day … well, No one has I actually confirmed it The recipe is Suitable for healthy or baby. A 2020 Survey of Homemade Formula Recipes from Blogs Many have been found to contain harmful or inappropriate ingredients, and In many cases, their instructions did not contain enough information to allow people to process formulas safely (for example, guidance on how long to keep them in the refrigerator).

Why is it so difficult to make a good prescription?

Formulas provide the same nutrition that babies get from human breast milk.Breast milk is nutritionally significant Unlike milk, goat milk, and other dairy products and alternatives. Milk has too much protein and is deficient in iron and vitamin C. Goat milk has too much protein, potassium and chloride and is deficient in folic acid. Babies developed vitamin deficiency, electrolyte imbalances, and other health problems by drinking animal milk and homemade formulas.

The AAP details some of these differences here.And, babies over 6 months old say they can drink milk as a temporary drink if they don’t find enough milk powder.Really young baby conduct I need breast milk or infant formula.

Older formula recipes usually included some groceries Store ingredients such as milk and corn syrup. Several We put nutrients in the rough stadium of breast milk, but that doesn’t mean they were good, or not necessarily good enough. Do you know if there is a safe amount in Grandma’s recipe, for example selenium?? I didn’t think so.

now, should do it The FDA approves the formula for infant formula. Perhaps test and distribute the appropriate recipes that people can use to make infant formula at home? To be honest, that would be pretty cool! (Of course, suppose you can make a nutritionally appropriate formula from commonly available ingredients. Maybe you can’t.) But right now, there are no good, tested recipes out there. Instead of creating your own formula Here is a safe suggestion for navigating the lack of formulasIncludes a doctor-approved stop gap. And if you’re desperate enough to make your own infant formula, get in touch with your child’s pediatrician to talk about your options.

Why you shouldn’t make your own milk powder

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