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Why you shouldn’t install Apple Beta without a developer account (yet)

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Every year at WWDC, Apple announces new versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS. But this is just a taste. The software will not actually ship until the fall, three months after the event.

If you’re impatient, you can download and install the developer beta available on the same day as the event. However, this version of the software is usually buggy and installation is not as easy as pressing the refresh button. The idea of ​​using iOS 16, iPadOS 16, watchOS 9, or macOS Ventura Three months before someone else becomes attractive, you probably shouldn’t do that unless you have an Apple Developer account...

Developer account means business

The public beta is available to anyone with an Apple account. However, you must be an Apple developer to install the developer beta. The cost of the account is $ 99 per year. It’s a good thing and a good barrier.

A A developer account means a business, as well as a developer beta, at least at the start of beta testing. All beta software is dangerous, but the software isn’t complete yet, so the first developer beta is the most dangerous bet of all. This is the first version of the software available in a limited pool of testers. So you definitely run into bugs. , Both large and small. These issues can affect device performance and battery life, often ranging from interesting to annoying, but can completely hinder your ability to use the device.

If any of these issues make your device unusable, you will need to restore your device to an earlier version of the software. Unless you have an archive backup of that software, that usually means a factory reset of the device. All data that has not been backed up elsewhere will be lost.

In short, this first beta is intended for developers to test and create new versions of their apps, not for the general public to install on their main iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

Non-developers have to wait for public beta

Fortunately, Apple has a public beta program that allows anyone who isn’t a developer to participate in software testing. This program will be available in early July. In the meantime, the big bugs in beta will be crushed, battery life will be stable (hopefully), and the risk of losing all personal data will be greatly reduced. In addition, Apple’s official beta channel will be available for free.

Download beta profile only from Apple

But not everyone wants it Wait for the public beta. If you’re a developer, or even a curious person who doesn’t mind the issues with the first beta, go ahead and install. First full device backup..When If you want to install the developer beta, you need to install it using your official Apple Developer account.

There are many websites that offer developer profiles as direct downloads (or IPSW files that can be manually restored using a Mac), but it’s a good idea to stay away from them. They may be legal, but there are no guarantees or safety checks. If the file is corrupted or contains malicious code, both your device and your personal information will be at risk.

according to Reddit iOS Beta Community, Beta profile Is a reliable source of beta profiles, but again, We encourage you to stick to Apple’s developer website.

The installation method is as follows iOS 16 or iPad OS 16 Beta How to install on iPhone or iPad the macOS Ventura beta..You are can Install watchOS9 Beta on your Apple Watch, even if you’re using an official Apple account Highly not recommended..

Why you shouldn’t install Apple Beta without a developer account (yet)

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