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Why you shouldn’t catch wild birds

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As a kid living in the Midwestern countryside, I was accustomed to seeing people around me “rescue” injured birds, take them home, and take care of them. A local veterinarian facilitated this by calling a specific family member when the injured bird was brought into his practice. We thought these birds were lucky, Little-Orphan-Annie-style creature saved from the cruel outside world, blessed with on-demand food and shelter comfort. As an adult, many people do this with pigeons in New York City.

But is this correct?Is it okay if the bird gets injured? How to take them and turn them into home pets? Nvery! This is the reason.

First of all, this can be illegal

Before you bring a bird home from outside the house, you need to know about the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. This is a federal law that makes it illegal to own protected migratory bird seeds without permission.Its approval comes from the Ministry of Home Affairs US Fish and Wildlife Service. Are you going to jail to take the birds?Probably not, but you should Check the FWS website Check to see if the bird you find is on the protection list and apply for permission if it is. (Widely, only European starlings, pigeons and sparrows are not protected by US law)

Local law may also apply.you Permission to catch pigeons in New York City requiredThe city will not accept complaints about people who keep birds in their sheds or as pets. Owning pigeons is not really illegal in New York, but catching pigeons is illegal. Most people catch pigeons because they consider them pests, but if you’re trying to lure them in to keep them as pets (for some reason) and try to catch them, it’s also possible that you’re in breach of the law.

As Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points outThe government has also enacted ordinances for certain pets due to noise, size, or public health risks. This means that even some of the birds that are actually kept as pets can be illegal. In short, bird ownership is legally more dangerous than you might think.

Wild birds are not pets

and Spruce pet, Bird expert Alyson Kalhagen and veterinarian Dr. Natasha Diehl advise that keeping wild birds as pets is “mostly a suspicious idea.” They state that removing wild animals from their habitat and putting them in cages is “quite unethical” and not particularly humane. Not only is it unfair to put wild animals in cages It may be even more morally criticized In case the bird needs some care. Spruce pet experts point out that bird experts and veterinarians may have problems with keeping birds, so find someone to treat the animal when you need it. It can be quite difficult. In that case, your bird will get sick or hurt without the care of someone who can provide help.

Of course, you can also claim to take injured or sick birds. teeth It’s better than humane, or at least torment it or let it die outside. Unfortunately, Birds always die outside.. The Birdwatching professionals However, if the bird really cannot be rehabilitated, you can consider feeding it. Home — But you should never bring in a perfectly energetic bird just because you want it. Wild animals need to be free.

If you find a baby bird and think you’ll accept it until you’re ready to return to its natural habitat, rethink it too. According to Cornell Lab’s All About Birds project“Even with professional care and feeding, people cannot provide baby birds with most of the skills needed to negotiate the natural world.” You are essentially prepared for that bird. It is set to die in an unfamiliar area.

If you become a wild bird, this is what to do

If you’re not just finding a really hurt wild bird and enjoying healthy animals selfishly, plus It is one of the few species that is legal to maintain, you still need to consider its well-being.Buying a cage and some seeds not enough. Birds are herd animals and work well in herds, so your new companion can become lonely, depressed and even self-harming.

If you are willing to find a bird, you should have your veterinarian check it out to make sure it isn’t there. Bringing health risks To you and your family, or your other pets. Seek expert opinion on what to give birds and how to give them a healthy environment.

Even if it’s fleeting, you’re better off setting up a bird feeder in your yard and enjoying your bird feeder outside. You can also contact your local rehab or research center to see if you have the opportunity to volunteer there.Then you can be in the bird When Help those who need it really safely.

Why you shouldn’t catch wild birds

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