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Why you should use your Uber benefits now

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If you frequent Uber or Uber Eats and are an Uber Rewards member, Plan to use your remaining points and rewards in the next few months.Uber is Eliminate free loyalty programs After October 1st, we support paid monthly subscriptions (Uber One). 31.

Uber Rewards launched in 2018, allowing members to earn points on Uber rides and Uber Eats purchases. Redeemable for discounts and rewards both through Uber and other third-party retailers (“Selected Perks”). Users also now earn points toward membership levels, unlocking additional benefits such as ride upgrades and dedicated customer support.

If you’re enrolled in Uber Rewards, you can still earn points through August 1st. Until October 31st. 31:00 midnight local time you use your remaining profit. Diamond tier users will continue to have access to phone support after that date.

Points are earned as 1 for every dollar spent on Uber Pool, Uber Express Pool and Uber Eats. 2 per dollar spent on UberX and XL, WAV/Assist, Select, Comfort and Connect. $3 for every dollar spent on Black, Black SUV, and Green. Driver tips, external fees and promotions are excluded from earning points.

How to redeem your Uber Rewards points

To check your points balance, open the Uber app and tap Menu > Uber RewardsIn the Uber Eats app, this is[アカウント]is under To redeem points, clickchoose a reward Choose from the options. Also, the usage of past points is “history. “

Alternatives to Uber Rewards

Unfortunately, Uber doesn’t replace free loyalty options. Instead, you will have to pay $9.99 per month to access your Uber One membership. This gives you access to free Uber Eats delivery and discounts on your order. You will also get a 5% discount on Uber rides.

If this prevents you from using Uber When If you have a Chase credit card, Lyft Offers Up To 10 Bonus Reward Points per dollar spent on that service.Not quite the same as a loyalty program, but at least you get rewarded for just spending money on the vehicle itself. (Lyft also has a membership program, lift pink, starting at $9.99 per month. )

Why you should use your Uber benefits now

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