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Why you should join a local garden club

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What do Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts and Jake Gyllenhaal have in common?Yes, they all have more money than I do, but they also Each enjoys gardening.. It’s not difficult to understand why.Whether you are looking to spend more time outdoors Or simply interact with people with a common interestThere is a lot to be gained by joining a local garden club. The Garden Club of America, the country’s largest horticultural association, boasts more than 18,000 members across 200 regional chapters.Finding your meeting place is as easy as looking at them National map..

Is your home state not listed? Just because there is no Garden Club of America (I’m looking at you, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, North Dakota, South dakota, Utah, OklahomaWhen Wyoming) It does not mean that there is no locally operated garden club to consider participating. In the same way. So grab your seed and hoe. That’s because there are five reasons why you need to get your overalls dirty this summer.

Gardening is a cheap hobby

Barriers to entry into gardening clubs are very low and start-up costs are minimal.You don’t need There are a lot of luxury equipment There are no expensive special shoes or expensive magic tools. All you need is gloves, a hoe, and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.Besides, most packs of seeds only cost you A few dollars. Even educating yourself about gardening will not set you back. USDA Offering lots of free resources, Book, And an article about this outdoor activity.

This is your chance to make friends

The purpose of a gardening club is not only practical, but also social.The Garden Club offers you the opportunity to meet members of your community Someone who shares at least one common interest. Garden clubs usually host events such as plant sales and seed exchanges. This is a great way to not only facilitate progress in the garden, but also make a few friends along the way. in the end, Having a common goal is one of the best ways to make friends as an adult.

It’s a decent exercise

Not all exercises need to be running a marathon or scaling Everest. According to the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionGardening is a great source of physical activity: “Because the work done in the garden constitutes moderate to high physical activity, the level of physical activity is also high among the gardeners in the community. In addition, those who are gardening are more obese than those who are not. The index is low, probably because of the benefits associated with diet and physical activity in the garden and gardening. ”

You can save money

With the right fruits and vegetables, You can save a lot of money by growing your own produce. And not immediately: AAccording to the latest Consumer Price Index of Labor Statistics Bureau, Fruit and vegetable costs are up 7.8% compared to this time of last year.If you take it yourself to grow vegetables, not only will you have more cash in your pocket, but you will be well on your way Make a better salad.

You can improve your community

Many garden clubs focus on beautification projects for the community. Did you notice an ugly intersection where you might use some spruce ups? Flag it to your garden club and they will be right on it.Not only While they strengthen public spaces by maintaining local gardens, many clubs also volunteer at community schools to teach children simple gardening techniques...

Why you should join a local garden club

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