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Why you should always close the window during the fireworks

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Whether you love or hate them, fireworks were America’s fourth July classic Since 1777.. Since then, displays have become more sophisticated, but the basic composition of fireworks (with gunpowder and chemicals in the casing with fuses attached) hasn’t changed much over the last 245 years. Unfortunately, no clouds of smoke are visible even after the fireworks have been launched.

As you can imagine, the pollutants in this smoke are not good for air quality. And if you live near the fireworks display venue, you’re probably on some roads to that pollution. Here’s what you need to know about how fireworks affect indoor air quality and why you want to close the windows on the night of July 4th...

Do fireworks cause air pollution?

When thinking about fireworks safety, it’s usually from the perspective of avoiding injury or fire. However, the impact of festive explosives on air quality is also a safety concern. When the fireworks ignite, They release Gaseous sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and harmful trace elements such as aluminum, manganese, and cadmium. In addition, there is Particulate Matter (PM) —Be exposed to It can affect the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Do fireworks affect indoor air quality?

Of course, this depends on the proximity to the fireworks display and the wind direction that night, but at least it is. 2 the study Abnormally high concentrations of PM were measured during and after the fireworks.

In the latest research published in the journal Total environmental science In July 2021, researchers measured PM concentrations in buildings near public and private fireworks festivals, saying that air could reach unhealthy levels “almost immediately” and remain for hours. I noticed.

How to protect the air quality in your home during fireworks

Keep in mind that air pollution from fireworks is a combination of smoke and PM from chemical reactions, both of which can affect indoor air quality. Author of the 2021 study Point out.This is Some strategies To keep bad air away from your living space:

Why you should always close the window during the fireworks

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