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Why you need to do a factory reset on all older techniques

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Think about the technology in your life. Your phone full of messages and photos. A perfectly balanced chaos of your computer, work and entertainment. Game console. Get the most out of your internal storage in half-played games. Your technique is well used, and that’s a good thing. Now remove it. Delete the hard drive. Resets all technologies to factory settings. Accept erasure..

No, I didn’t faint. I’m not insisting on burning up your digital photos or erasing all your important conversations. I’m not saying that the data needs to be permanently deleted, but that it needs to be restored to the state it was in when the device was purchased. If that sounds like a contradiction, let me elaborate.

Why you need to reset your device to factory settings

Computers, phones, tablets, consoles, all technologies slow down over time. Software updates are a bit more sophisticated with respect to the hardware on which they are running, hard drives are reaching their limits, and apps and programs are increasingly demanding processors and RAM. Many of these factors are facts of digital life and cannot be changed. However, some deceleration is unavoidable.

The operating system isn’t perfect and sometimes uses buggy software that doesn’t organize itself. This can manifest itself as recurring glitches, such as the keyboard sometimes popping up the wrong way, refusing to open the app, dropping cell signals, and so on. Perhaps the game console takes longer than necessary to exit the game when the “Home” button is pressed, or there is a problem connecting to the controller. You can often fix these small issues by powering the device off and then back on, but if you have a real software problem, it will always come back in the end.

Another problem with big and small computers is junk files. Downloading apps, documents, programs, etc. to your computer for months or years creates a variety of files. You can always delete large, easy-to-find files, Tons It’s a small thing that’s hard to find and erase. It doesn’t really matter for devices such as smartphones and game consoles, but system files are added to every computer and it doesn’t matter. These types of files can reduce the overall experience of using the technique, even if they have never been encountered on the surface.

There are a lot of small fixes, but no such thing as a restore

There are various mitigation strategies that can be implemented to solve these problems. You can use the program to remove junk files from your computer, such as those built into Mac and Windows. Optimizing your PC’s hard drive or rebuilding your database on your PlayStation are also two ways to clean up your internal storage and help speed up the process ()Click here for details). You can now also reinstall the OS on some devices without deleting the data.

But if you can manage it, the factory reset will handle it all at once. Restoring a device erases all data on that device and installs a new version of your OS. By backing up important data in advance, you can take the time to add only your own files without really losing the essentials. I want On your device, not the mess you’ve been dealing with for so long.

Recently, all my important data has been backed up and associated with the cloud. This also applies to Switch, as saving to the cloud does not result in loss of game files. So erasing the device is not a problem. After the device restarts, all you have to do is sign in to your account and select the data you want to display on your system. Photos, videos, messages, games, they’re all there, only now they’re running on something that feels brand new.

By the way, factory resets give you the opportunity to feel like you’ve just purchased your device. In the tech world, there’s always something shiny around the corner, but resetting an existing product may not feel the same temptation to upgrade. That’s a big part of why I sometimes try to update my device. Even after 5 years, I like when I feel that my technique is new.

How to reset your device to factory settings

The factory reset may appear as a different option depending on the device in question. On Mac, you need to do the following: Boot your computer into recovery modeThen erase the hard drive and reinstall macOS. Windows makes things a little easier because you can find all the options you need from: Settings> Update & Security> Recovery..

On iOS, you can move to the following location Settings> General> Transfer or reset iPhone> Erase all content and settingsAlthough most Android devices should be able to reset from Settings> System> Reset Options> Erase All Data (Factory Reset).. Game systems often refer to factory resets as “initializations.” For example, on a switch, this option is located at: Settings> System> Format> Console Initialization..

If you are trying to reset a device not listed here to factory settings, we recommend searching for instructions online. Device manufacturers often provide detailed steps to properly reset the product.

Why you need to do a factory reset on all older techniques

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