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Why We’re Making The Pie Smaller This Thanksgiving

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As a baker, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to try out pie ideas I’ve always wanted to try. Unfortunately, I always end up making more pies than I need. I’m a huge fan of variety and know that some people live for sweet potatoes and others need pecans.It’s a crime if there are no apples or pumpkins on the table. One guest always insists Bring A pie, and then, curiously, a 12-inch cheesecake appears.By the end of the night, there are eight different partially-eaten pies. You are in Pie Pickles.If there is no space to store them properly, they end up in vain.Keep 6 small to avoid throwing the pie after Thanksgivinginstead – inch pie.

I resisted at first The idea of ​​making small pies. Thanksgiving dinner is a time of overkill with grand turkeys, a variety of side dishes, and a lovely dessert spread.? However,i love to see people having fun food, dislike The same goes for leftover foodI knew something had to change, but I refused to give up variety. So last year I decided to compromise on size.

With dessert, mOst people are stuffed gills of turkey and mashed potatoes Love sweets tooIt is better to take only a piece of pie for dessert. i considered Historically the Most Popular Pie Flavors my guest.those pies The remaining and Full 9 inch size.other pie appeal only To a few of my invitees, BekahI’m a petite pie i need to be careful A small pie is never the same as a “mini” pie. Mini pies are his two-bite pies made in cupcake molds.They’re adorable, but I hate fussing about shaping them and often the stuffing gets messed up. The mini pies are the 5 1/2-inch or 6-inch varieties you find at farmers markets, and while they’re shorter, they have a nicer filling-to-crust ratio.

I ended up making 2 large pies and 2 small pies, but honestly, I could have made all 4. pie 6-incherWe had leftovers from both large pies even after a few friends took them home. Meif they were 6-inch, those dishes would have been clean. (On the bright side, I had to eat pie in my sweatpants on Saturday.)

I always overcook food (and I always do), but reducing the size of dessert courses is a tactic. into. I purchased a 5 1/2 inch ceramic pie plate at my local Shoprite, but similar size dishes can be found at various stores in the US. glass, ceramic, aluminumor you can go disposable foil.

How to adjust the recipe for smaller pies

A smaller pie plate can open up more of your favorite pie crust and filling recipes.During the busiest meal of the year, this meant less work and fewer ingredients needed at the end. Usually one 9 inch pie plate. know The math seems weird, but almost every recipe out there is made with extras on purpose. 1/2 cup or more extra pumpkin pie filling. small pieI had the perfect amount.

If you are making 4 small pies, one double crust recipe will be enough for 4 shells. If you make a pie with the top, adjust the recipe from there. Adjusting the right amount of filling needed for a 5-inch or 6-inch pie is halving the original recipe, as most recipes almost always include extra filling for a full pie. It’s as easy as cutting., you should subtract about ¼ cup to ½ cup to account for crust thickness.Add up the amounts of ingredients in your recipe as best you can and see if half the filling meets your needs. recipe; Added pecan pie with some extra nuts. When baking, check the pie about 10-15 minutes earlier than the full-size bake time.

Fewer ingredients and a good filling-to-crust ratio, even for smaller pies And it takes a little longer to cook. Whether it’s a small guest list or a big family Thanksgiving, if you find yourself throwing leftover pies in the trash each year, try smaller pies to stay in variety and reduce waste at the end of the night.

Why We’re Making The Pie Smaller This Thanksgiving

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