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Why the washing machine is shaking and how to fix it

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When you first hear it, the noise can be jarring. Out of nowhere, it sounds like a helicopter is landing on your roof, or a freight train is about to barrel through your wall to your home. The room and its contents can shake as it did in a small earthquake.

If you look it up, you’ll see that all of this racket comes from the washing machine. The washing machine happens to be shaking violently. It may have rocked itself from the usual place.

This isn’t suitable for machines or floors (or fragile ones in a room), but it usually doesn’t mean that you need to invest in a new appliance. Here are some reasons why the washing machine shakes and how to fix it.

Why is the washing machine shaking?

Here are some of the most common reasons why a washing machine is shaking and how to solve the problem:

Overloaded washer

problem: you Overloaded with laundry In your washing machine.

Solution: It’s great to try to save water and energy by limiting the number of loads, but check the owner’s manual to see the recommended maximum load size and weight and stick with it.

Non-uniform weight distribution

problem: If the shaking does not occur at all loads, it may have occurred at some point. Non-uniform weight distribution On the drum. This can happen if you wash only one large item (such as a pillow), or if you wash the sheets with other items, and the sheets form a ball around everything else.

Solution: Equalize the weight of your luggage. For example, put in a second pillow. or, When washing sheets and other items, first put them separately (that is, do not put them in a large bowl).

The washing machine is not sitting flat on the floor

problem: It’s like when one table leg is shorter than the other: everything is wobbling and annoying. Instead of a table, it’s a big drum full of heavy wet clothing.

Solution: this is Usually two people’s workBut basically, unplug the washer and slide it out of the normal place to find out the cause of the wobble. Perhaps the floor is uneven (not uncommon if you live in an old house). Or, the length of the washing machine’s legs may not be uniform.If you find a problem, use a level to make sure it’s actually a level Before you start using it again.

Shipping support is still inside

problem: When the washer is delivered, it often comes with a hard plastic spacer that protects the machine in transit. These are supposed to be removed before using the washing machine. If that doesn’t happen, it can cause it to rock.

Solution: Take out the instruction manual and follow the instructions to remove the transit bolt. They are usually very easy to find. On the back of the washing machine, Large plastic bolt upon back Department Of the drums. You will need a wrench to remove them. Then put the washer in a safe place in case you need to move it again.

Filter is blocked

problem: You are (hopefully) familiar with the lint trap of your dryer. Then fill the washer filter. You are supposed to catch anything that has fallen out of your pocket in the bathroom (Coins, clips, etc.) And stop it From entering the water hose.

Solution: Check the instruction manual for how to clean the filter. Or, if you want to flap, first turn off the washing machine and find the filter. This is usually behind a small panel at the bottom of the washing machine.

Remember That water hose we mentioned?? You are about to meet it. Open the panel, hold the shallow dish under the hose, and carefully loosen to drain. You may have to empty the dish several times during the process. Then remove the filter, remove any remaining debris and rinse. Finally, check the reservoir to make sure there is nothing left, then replace the filer.

It’s another

If you try and confirm all of the above, the washing machine will yet It’s shaking, so it’s probably time to call an expert to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

Why the washing machine is shaking and how to fix it

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