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Why the Pixel 6a is better than the iPhone SE

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iPhone SE is designed to offer the basic features of the iPhone at an affordable price. This is Apple’s mid-range smartphone and is a good option for many users who don’t want to spend their arms and legs on features they don’t need.in the meantime I recommend SE immediately In the past, this week we changed that recommendation, When Google announced this is Latest mid-range smartphones: Pixel 6a..

6a will not be available until late July: PReorders start on the 21st and inventory status starts on the 28th.That’s why I’m paying attention to buying the iPhone SE. just now. MeIf you need this second new phone, this article is not suitable. But if you have the time, take a look at these comparisons to see which midrange phones are worth your money.

What the Pixel 6a and iPhone SE have in common

Let’s start with device similarities. Both Pixel 6a and iPhone SE are 5G compatible smartphones. This means you can enjoy the high speeds of the latest generation of cellular connections (if available, of course).

Two phones start at similar prices. 6a is $ 449, but SE starts at a slightly lower $ 429 —These are Google and Apple midrange smartphones, so it helps you see what you can get by spending about the same amount on both companies.

From a megapixel point of view, the main camera is very similar. Google’s main shooter is 12.2 MP, while SE is 12 MP, both shooting 4K video at 60 fps. The same applies to the front camera. The 6a has an 8MP front camera, SE is 7MP. Both shoot 1080p video at 30fps.

Before we know how the image itself will be compared to the SE, we need to wait until the 6a unit is in the hands of the reviewers (especially photographers and videographers). However, no review is needed to know that the camera similarities end here (see below for details).

Why the Pixel 6a is better than the iPhone SE

But the quick addition of the benefits of 6a is that the phones are different. It starts as soon as you look at both devices. Apple has decided to recycle the same iPhone 8 design that was used on the previous iPhone SE. It features two large bezels that sandwich a 4.7-inch 750pIPS display. Not only is this design five years old, but it’s not too far from the iPhone 6’s design (especially From the front), that is, the phone looks like it was in 2014.

The Pixel 6a, on the other hand, looks completely modern, with a 6.1-inch 1080p OLED display that works end-to-end. As seen on many smartphones these days, Google has chosen a camera cutout at the top of the screen: THis phone never shouts “midrange”.

Let’s talk about the camera again. Sure, the main shooters on both smartphones are pretty much the same on paper, but that’s just the beginning of the story. Google has a 6a with a 12MP ultra-wide camera, but Apple has specifically omitted it in SE.6a camera, even if you’re not a super wide fan feature Blow SE out of the water.

Unlike Apple, Google decides that mid-range customers are worth seeing the night view on their smartphones and can take high-quality photos in the dark. It is unacceptable that the SE with the A15 Bionic chip does not have a night view. Google phones also come with Magic Eraser, which automatically removes unwanted people and things from your photos. With new Android features, you can also change the color of your edits to blend nicely into the background of your image.

Both phones support 5G, but they don’t. SE is only compatible with Sub 6GHz 5G, which provides a modest speed boost from 4G LTE. However, the Pixel 6a is compatible with mmWave 5G, the type of 5G you often hear, and has ultra-fast speeds and reliability like Wi-Fi. MmWave is still in its infancy. Most 5Gs are sub-6, so we don’t call this a contract breaker. Still, Apple isn’t enthusiastic, so it’s worth pointing out the difference.

SE is $ 20 cheaper than 6a, but not exactly apples. The base model 6a comes with 128GB of storage, while the SE has only 64GB. If your SE requires 128GB of storage, it costs an additional $ 50. So 128GB SE is $ 30 more than 6a.

Key benefits of iPhone SE over Pixel 6a

At this point, there are two features of the iPhone SE that stand out more than the 6a. The first is the processor. Both phones have their own company’s in-house SoC. The iPhone SE is equipped with the A15 Bionic, which is the same chip as the iPhone 13 line and iPad mini. The 6a is equipped with Google’s Tensor chip. This is the SoC that the company used for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. However, the A15 tends to outperform the Tensor.

Currently 6a test reported on GeekbenchThe device score was 1050 for a single score and 2833 for a multi-core. For some reason, Geekbench doesn’t have a 3rd generation iPhone SE test, Look at the iPhone 13 Shows the power of the A15. I got 1685 points for single core and 4498 points for multi-core. The numbers aren’t everything, but in terms of raw power, the A15 seems to be pulling out a tensor.

The other main advantage I think is lifespan. Google has never extended software updates for Pixel smartphones for more than three years (Pixel 3a For example, losing support). The company has promised a five-year security update for 6a, which will help protect your phone for quite some time, but it’s clear whether your phone will receive new Android features after 2025. Not.

Apple, on the other hand, has an excellent track record in software updates. The company supports iPhone 6s with iOS 15 released in 2015. If Apple, which manufactures its own hardware and software, can extend its software and security support for seven years, so does Google.

Still, 6a is a better value than SE

In the opinion of this technical writer, 6a is an overall good phone. I love the iPhone SE and I like the “classic” iPhone design, but I can’t ignore that 6a brings more for money. Unless you are necessary iOS..If you couldn’t imagine Turn Apple Friend’s Text Green, Or if you don’t have immediate access to FaceTime, or if you haven’t left all the money you’ve spent on Apple-specific apps, 6a may not be right for you. Switching between mobile platforms is more difficult than it should be, especially as Apple refuses to adopt RCS messaging.

However, for flexible users, 6a is the way to go (on paper). Of course, you have to wait to see how the phone actually works. Unless you come in July and something else comes to steal the show, you need to know exactly which of these two phones you want to buy.

Why the Pixel 6a is better than the iPhone SE

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