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Why the “Buy Back” program is a cheaper way to rent a car in Europe

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In 2020, many car rental companies have abolished most of their rental cars.Car rental prices are often astronomical due to the current surge in demand and declining supply. (Not to mention the amount of gas spent to fill the tank). WHowever, if you are traveling to Europe, you have another option: Car rental purchase-Back program..

purchase-Back lease, this You are doing through these The program is a customs and tax provision that allows non-EU residents to “buy” a new car during their stay in Europe without paying any customs duty or value.Value added tax (VAT). After that, the car can be sold to EU residents as a used car and you don’t even have to pay VAT (for example, about 20% in France).

The exact details of the lease will vary, but in principle the following are expected:

  • Minimum number of days (usually about 3 weeks)
  • brand new
  • Lease price guaranteed in US dollars or euros
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Non-deductible insurance with less restrictions on additional drivers
  • Roadside assistance

There may be additional charges depending on where in Europe you pick up and drop your car. Renault, Peugeot and Citroën are two of the leading manufacturers offering this option. In addition Get a brand new car and avoid having to pay insurance, additional driver fees, or additional fees to minors 25 fees, these purchases-Back programs can be even cheaper than renting from a traditional car rental company.

For example, renting an economy car (Renault Clio or similar) from Hertz September 15th to October 15th With a transfer to and from the CDG airport in Paris, it costs around € 900 (insurance and additional driver fees are not included). Instead, If you book a purchase-For a Renault Dacia Duster back lease, you will pay € 1,470 on the same day, including insurance and the ability of others to drive your car. In this case, if the economy car is okay, rental at Hertz may be cheaper, even if you pay an additional fee. However, if you have already paid for insurance or additional divers, the cost difference for renting a new medium-sized SUV may not be that great.

Remember that lJust like a traditional car rental company, you can buy and use your car-Back programs are limited, so if you are interested in this option on your trip to Europe, you should immediately consider it.Finding a car at the last minute is almost impossible and unlikely even within the weeks leading up to you trip.

Why the “Buy Back” program is a cheaper way to rent a car in Europe

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