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Why Spotify’s Shuffle Isn’t Random (and How to Fix It)

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You may be listening to a Taylor Swift song midnight Again this month, I enjoy a good shuffle as much as anyone else.It’s a great way to rediscover music in your library you haven’t listened to in a while. Sometimes it’s good to sit back, relax, and let the odds take over.

However, if you shuffle frequently on Spotify, you might notice something strange. Spotify’s shuffle isn’t completely random. In fact, they seem to be more selective than anything else. Instead of listening to mixes of songs, you might hear similar, if not the same, songs over and over again. what to give

After all, Spotify intentionally keeps its finger on the shuffle scale. In that view the shuffle should be seamless.I don’t like songs with completely different conflicts oppose each other. Instead, we think songs should be similar and should blend into each other.Actually, it’s digital DJ A transition from one song to the next.

In some cases this is a welcome feature. It sure would be nice if the back-to-back songs were similar. But most of us use the shuffle function. random song to play. Deliberately choosing only matching songs means there are a lot of tracks that never see the light of day, and other songs are played much more often.

Another issue is that this feature is enabled by default. I’ll try using shuffle. idea Spotify randomizes playlists without realizing the game is rigged from the start.

How to Make Spotify Randomly Shuffle Music

To solve this problem, you need to disable the feature in question, Automix. For iPhone or Android, I went to the in-app settings and selected “playback”. On your desktop, click your profile,[設定]Choose. On all platforms, tap the toggle next to Automix to disable it.

If you can’t find Spotify DJ, you can always re-enable Automix using the steps above. Random is really random, after all.you never know what I go to play.

Why Spotify’s Shuffle Isn’t Random (and How to Fix It)

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