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Why seeds need to be germinated in advance

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Satisfaction to see your little shoot push After waiting for weeks, getting off the ground is one of the best parts of gardening. However, unless the seeds do not germinate uniformly as desired. Some of your seeds may not germinate at all, or interfering squirrels may have carried them away before they got a chance.However, there are solutions that can help predict seed germination rates. When Reduces the time it takes for them to germinate: indoor germination.

What you need for indoor germination

The first thing you need to know about indoor germination is that it works best with large seeds such as peas, beans and pumpkins. It’s not because small seeds don’t sprout They are more Fragile, It’s awkward. Instead, use seeds that can be easily held between your thumb and index finger, which is a good place to start germination indoors.

Next, you need a transparent container. This can be as simple as a Ziploc bag or a plastic resealable food container with a clear lid. Or even a muffin tin lid (If you can find a transparent lid that can take in sunlight). The important thing is that the seedlings can be kept warm and moist during germination. Therefore, any container with a lid that can take in sunlight will work.

You’ll also need a waterproof marker, paper towels, a spray bottle of water, and a sunny windowsill.

How to make an indoor germination station

To set up an indoor germination operation, moisten enough paper towels to cover the bottom of the container. This is a substitute for the soil in the first section of the botanical journey. Then add the seeds to the paper towel and keep them at least 2 inches apart. Label the container when using the waterproof marker (otherwise you risk forgetting what you planted). Then close the lid or zipper the bag.

Once the germination lab is set up, place it on the windowsill and, if necessary, use a spray bottle to keep the paper towels moist. These pre-germinated seeds grow faster than they are sown directly in the soil, as warmer windowsill conditions are more suitable for germination than in the soil. As a bonus, there will be much less unexploded ordnance.

The time it takes to germinate depends on the species, but when you start to see small roots that look like white veins, place them on the ground. If the seeds appear to be particularly reluctant to leave the paper towels at home, their roots may be attached to the paper. Keeping in mind that the seedlings will die if they lose their roots, slowly arrange the roots so as not to disturb the roots.

Plant seedlings

Once the seeds have germinated, you can choose to plant them in growth medium and start indoors or plant them directly in the soil. Depending on the type of seed, you need to make sure that the soil you are using is warm enough to keep the seedlings growing. You can plant sprouts with a thin layer of soil on top to allow them to grow faster.

Why seeds need to be germinated in advance

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