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Why pillows turn yellow and how to clean them

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We know that the human body, including ourselves, can sometimes be oversized, but we don’t want to remind it.So when you change the sheets and see what used to be a completely white pillow It is currently covered with a net of yellow and brownish stains, which can be anxious.

However, these discolored pillows look worse than they really are. There is a reasonable explanation of how the dirt got there and it is possible to get rid of them. Here’s what you need to know:

Why do pillows turn yellow?

There are several reasons why pillows turn yellow, but sweat is the most common cause of these stains. people Sweat while they sleep— Some more than others. The more someone sweats, the more moisture penetrates the pillow from the pillowcase, causing dirt. And considering how many hours our head and face are planted on that pillow, it’s all summed up.

In addition to sweat, your hair can be the cause: specifically, if it’s especially oily, or if you often sleep wet or damp. hair.Types of cosmetics and skin care products It may be behind a yellow stain. It may also be drooling. A waterproof pillow protector can be attached in front of the pillowcase to prevent many discolorations.

How to remove yellow stains from pillows

The first thing to know is that the longer the stains, the harder it is to remove them. This means getting in there and cleaning them the first time you notice any kind of yellowing, and not postponing it.

TTechnically, you Wash the pillow At least twice a year, regardless of dirt.And when you’re doing that, you’ll probably see their tags and care instructions, ie how to wash the pillows in the washing machine (and) If that is possible).

Basically, you’ll want to do the same to clean it, but with a regular detergent, addition With 1/2 cup of bleach Borax 1/2 cupFollow the pillow instructions to finish washing and drying.

You can also start with Spot treatment of stains Use either a stain-removing spray or cream purchased from the store, or a paste made from a mixture of baking soda and water (although natural options tend to be less effective).

Why pillows turn yellow and how to clean them

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