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Why everyone hates landlords now

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Hill. Parasite.Maybe even bed bugs?? The landlord is called a lot, but none of them are positive. This couple The operation of the “15-Airbnb Empire” was talked about on Twitter last week, highlighting an increasingly common consensus online. Everyone hates landlords.

This negative perception of the landlord is not just another example of the “very online” collective spirit. As a stand-up comedy in the real world, hating landlords has proven to be fairly safe. hack-ending. Is there a more obvious sign of someone’s public status than turning into a hack punch line?

If you’re wondering why your hatred for landlords is growing, I’d like to point out two reasons that seem to explain all recent cultural trends: social media and pandemics. This is an anecdotal (but passionate) explainer of the landlord’s current state of affairs in the eyes of the masses and whether his position as an enemy is fair.

Is the landlord really worthy of becoming the number one public enemy?

About one-third Of U.S. Households are renters, most of whom are not strangers to brutal people Rent rise for several months It looks like the end is invisible. While the lessor is having a hard time finding a place to sleep and having room landlord Bridle With the recognition of the people They do nothing to earn passive income.I’m not here to fight those landlords, I’m here to share a general consensus in Young and / or progressive community On twitter..

I hate systems and games is one thing. Do you have to hate certain players as well?

Concise answer


Long answer

of course.

The pandemic helped turn the landlord into a punch line

Many things are involved when it comes to understanding hatred for landlords. There is a zoomed-out view of the landlord as it is essentially immoral. There is a zoomed-in view of you and everyone who knows you have had a crappy experience with a crappy landlord. These two views blended well during the pandemic, especially as social media provides generations with a language to talk about housing and human rights. Now we have landed at the current cultural moment where dragging landlords online is a popular activity.

Being a landlord is not a “real job”

The landlord claims to provide an important service, but reading the landlord’s point of view rarely sympathizes with: Answers to these interviews at Curbed.. “Because housing is a human right and I shouldn’t do business?Don’t swing me to the landlord’s side. In fact, it does more to justify the lessee’s instinctive vitriol.In addition, have you read it carefully before? Landlord message board?? You will find many greedy and predatory landlords yelling at the quiet part: they want to utilize their tenants in every way they can.

Rents are rising and landlords have limited empathy

Without fully dealing with Marxist elephants in the room, more and more lessors seem to express their belief that making money from their property is not really labor.please look Reply to this article About the landlord who is struggling to ban Biden’s peasants from eviction last year. The reply lacks sympathy and I understand it. The landlord lost money and said, “Hard hitOnly those who, for example, expect the same sympathy as those who have lost their jobs. Landlords are not “dismissed” when rent becomes more affordable. It’s not like losing a job, it’s like making a bad investment. In other words, it’s an investment that deprives others of their right to housing and puts it in your hands.

now, On the verge of a housing crisisThe landlord is believed to be preying on the suffering of many renters. Their predatory behavior makes housing inaccessible to those who need it most. Still, you may not claim it all The landlord is an evil individual. But there must be good ones. You might argue that every profession will have some bad apples. This is my view: YDo you know which group of people probably have a low tolerance for that “bad apple” debate?Maybe the generation I saw Those claims are refuted Over and over again during the 2020 protest against police atrocities. There is no doubt that this framework has helped a large number of people question all other systems that utilize them.

I wish the landlord had another solution today.It is highly recommended to rent Matthew Desmond Expulsion: Poverty and Benefits of American Cities From your local library. Or to read much faster This tweet Boil it down well: “The landlord provides housing for Scalper to provide concert tickets.In other words, many feel that the landlord should not be admitted to have provided essential services. They are abusing the system for profit. At least that’s the direction that public perception is heading. After all, one generation’s “fundamental belief” may be the next generation’s “common sense.”

Why everyone hates landlords now

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