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Why Do WiFi Routers Need “Guest Mode”?

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As reluctant as it may be, your Wi-Fi router is one of the most personal things you have in your home.e. All internet traffic from all connected gadgets in your home goes through this little device.That’s reason enough to keep it from outsiders – and No paid security subscription or VPN required to protect your main internet connection. As it stands, your wifi router probably already has this feature built in. it is called “”guest mode When As the name suggests, create a separate SSID (Service Set Identifier) ​​from your main network and use a separate name, password, and traffic.

Guest mode comes with its own password and settings.Easy to create, edit, destroy and rebuild. Go to the Wi-Fi management page, I looked it up and there is something like guest mode in the settings. Even cheap routers these days have this feature.

Using a separate network name and password means you don’t have to provide your main network details to guests. just you and your family. You can access it. If guest mode has parental controls or restrictions, enable them. You don’t want to go unnoticed after your friend’s son decides it’s the perfect time to download a pirated movie. at your home. Such restrictions keep you irresponsible: they not only protect you from rouge children, but they also protect you from malicious individuals who use your network to run illegal websites and services. increase.

You can also shut off the secondary Internet for any reason without affecting network usage. If you don’t want your kids watching YouTube all night, you can always turn off the “guest” network. your Your YouTube experience will not be interrupted.

guest mode Easy to find in network listand networks are already restricted, so you can use easy-to-type passwords to retrieve them more quickly. or make everything easier Create a Wi-Fi QR code For guest network only. Simple share button for Android and iPhone also does tricks.

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Why Do WiFi Routers Need “Guest Mode”?

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