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Why do people wear suits on their “minions”?Out of Touch Guide to Children’s Culture

Image of the article titled The Out-of-Touch Adults & # 39; Guide to Children's Culture: Why Are Young People Wearing Suits & # 39; Minions & # 39 ;?

On the other hand, things are basically seriously messed up all over the world.. Everyone feels crazy and it doesn’t make sense anymore.But on the other hand, the young people collectively decided to wear their best clothes. look Minions: The rise of glue This weekend.It even has to scale It ’s a little, right?

Young people are also digging holes on the beach and literally inviting them all Their jointWorkers have lunch and drop an explosive freestyle rap.

Why are young people wearing “Minions: The Rise of Guru” suits?

Countless young people across the country (and perhaps around the world) Minions: The rise of glue This weekend Suits, gowns, And black ties.. I can’t say exactly why, but it’s probably because school is off and it’s not happening much. It’s funny to pretend you’re taking the opening of a cookie cutter kids movie very seriously.

Whether the trend spreads When the movie is open to the public I haven’t seen it yet, number of video of Youth of Semi-formal attire Join early Screening Guru (Or at least saying they are participating in early screening Guru) Posted It’s really impressive even before the movie is released.

I fully support this becoming viral.Teenagers and tweens can be annoying, but it’s worth tolerating Due to absurdity, they inject into this gray and evil world. So if you’re watching a 12-year-old rocking three-piece suit and gown scrum in this weekend’s movie, don’t look down on pop. Yale “cheerio!! Instead.

Dating remains an “endless, miserable cycle”

Surprisingly, changes in acceptance criteria for how men and women talk to each other do not seem to facilitate romance.Instead, dating / meeting new people Will be annoying in a new way..

The problem is, in other words This video From TikToker @ari_mjxThe respectful man is that when a strange man attacked them in public, he (finally) received a message that women generally dislike it, but weird and / or eerie. Man doesn’t really like Care How hot women in the subway feel about their approach.

“Every good man doesn’t want to bother us, so we don’t talk to us directly,” Ali said in a video. “But all jerks don’t give shit, and they’re close to us, so we’re like,’Keep away from us,’ and all the good guys say,” Understand. We’re not approaching, “and it’s just an endless and tragic cycle. “

That’s just why I date a robot.

TikToker’s comment: Have everyone in the workplace have lunch

Young people are changing the office culture as a result. Men can’t do much sexual harassment to people, things are less formal and remote work is expected, but there are some changes that can go too far. Like TikToker @ dongarkarmitej, A video of a lonely man eating lunch in the car, “Always invite all your colleagues to lunch. Don’t forget someone.”

wait, Everyone?? Can’t you draw a line on that guy whose toes are wearing unique shoes?

Comments on viral ideas vary, with some responding as follows: “Yes, I’m sorry! It’s an adult bully,” others say. “I haven’t been paid for lunch, so I’m sorry I choose who to use.”

Is this the result of the first generation, who received guidance on measures against bullying at school, attacked the workplace? Or is it general etiquette? In any case, I’m happy to be able to work at home. I don’t even invite cats to have lunch with me.

People digging holes on the beach: TikTok is responsible

Almost every day news service Florida has posted warnings about shocking new trends spreading throughout the state. Inspired by TikTok’s video challenge, young mockers go to the beach and Dig a hole in the sand.. (Gives time to recover the dropped monocle.. )

For fairness, the holes are quite deep, so authorities are taking this seriously. “The real problem is not the holes, but the sharp ones. Panji A stick smeared with cow dung that these kids put on their bottoms, “Florida police officers did not say. “It’s worse than’Nam’,” they didn’t add.

In fact, there is no law that you can’t really dig a deep hole on the beach. (But I think it’s in the next Supreme Court docket) But authorities should leave the beach when they find it, as adorable baby turtles can be trapped in the holes they dig. I advise you to dig a hole. “I don’t care if they dig into China. Just fill it out before they leave.” Allison Ward going to the beach in Florida said..

This Week’s Viral Video: Heal Pain — Harry Mack Omegle Bars 67

It’s strange that one of the greatest freestyle rappers on the planet is a white man in his thirties who has a YouTube channel, but once you see it Harry Mac Yes, it’s hard to deny —A man enough to impress and inspire Kendrick Lamar..Mac makes many kinds of freestyle-oriented videos, but my favorite is A video of his “Omegle Bars”. The This week’s viral video Typical of this Series: Mack logs on to Omegle, gets some words from the connected randos, and proceeds Blowing their fucking wig It’s a complex and improvised rap, magically very good. This is number 67 in the series and they are getting better and better.Even if you’re not good at hip-hop, you can’t stop your chin from falling when you meet this guy, so today I have to cry for a coffee cup and do nothing else.Check out his latest video.

Why do people wear suits on their “minions”?Out of Touch Guide to Children’s Culture

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