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Why can’t I get the monkeypox vaccine?

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if you care COVID-19, it very easy, no need to think To Check out the latest in vaccines and booster.If this is polio in new york what you are worried aboutshould check if they were vaccinated against polio as a child (If not, it’s never too late to catch up)However, when it comes to monkeypox, the vaccine is No It is recommended for most people, and there is a high possibility that you will be turned down even if you go looking for it.

There are two types of monkeypox vaccination

The vaccine we call the “monkeypox vaccine”, marketed under the brand name Jynneos, is the only officially FDA-approved vaccine for monkeypox. Gynneos is administered as a subcutaneous (just under the skin) injectionideally in two doses, 4 weeks away. It uses a live virus that cannot replicate, has fewer side effects, and is considered safer than its predecessor. This vaccine is in limited supply.

Another vaccine is ACAM2000. With the US holding 100 million doses of her vaccine in the national stockpile, one might think this would be a natural choice to prepare the population for a monkeypox outbreak.Unfortunately it’s a very different vaccine It is not, at least so far, considered adequate for preventing monkeypox in most people.

Why not use ACAM2000 for monkeypox?

On the other hand, ACAM2000 can Used to prevent monkeypox (which has an Emergency Use Authorization for that purpose), it is primarily a smallpox vaccine. Or that’s why the US stockpiles it in case it comes back as a bioweapon.

If you’ve ever seen an older person pointing out smallpox vaccine scars (or if you’re one of those yourself), you might know where I’m going with this. I can’t. This type of smallpox vaccine requires pricking the skin with a fork-like needle until it bleeds. A single lesion then develops at that location. It’s like a full-blown smallpox infection with ulcers all over your body, and if her pustules don’t improve in a week or so, she’ll have to go back and repeat the procedure. It’s terrible and painful, but it’s well worth the protection from smallpox.

ACAM2000 may have more frequent and more serious side effects than the Jynneos vaccine. Not for use by pregnant women, those with compromised immune systems, or those with certain skin conditions such as eczema. There is also a 1 in 175 risk of myocarditis or inflammation of the heart muscle. All these caveats make it unsuitable for walk-in vaccine clinics. Vox reportbut is instead given at the discretion of a physician after careful consideration of the risks.

Well, what if a smallpox epidemic was looming? It makes perfect sense to make ACAM2000 safe and accessible to as many people as possible. The risk of smallpox would be greater than the risk of vaccines. But smallpox is a much more serious disease than monkeypox. Up to 30% lethality(The fatality rate of the current strain of monkeypox is close to 1%.) The risk/benefit argument is quite different.

So far, public health officials have decided that it’s better to stick with safer vaccines, even if they don’t have as many. By the way, Gynneos is the only vaccine recommended for people at risk of monkeypox.

whyhe jynneos monkeypox lack of vaccine

Jynneos has only a few hundred thousand doses available (including those already administered), compared to ACAM2000’s 100 million doses, and more doses will be added soon, but even that may not be enough. I have.of Washington Post report Of the 1.6 million men considered at high risk for monkeypox, 3.2 million doses are needed (because it is a two-dose vaccine), and the United States protects one-third of them We only have enough vaccines to inoculate.

There are problems producing and distributing vaccines from a Danish manufacturer who has to supply vaccines to many countries besides us. (If you want to delve into the history behind these supply issues, This is an article from the New York Times How we failed to replenish the 20 million doses of our expired stockpile here is another About 300,000 doses already own I was stranded overseas due to US government turmoil when the outbreak began to spread. )

Due to limited supplies, the vaccine is being distributed to those most at risk of contracting monkeypox. People who know they’ve been exposed to the virus are at the top of the list. Getting vaccinated in the first few days can help your immune system fight off the disease before it becomes severe.Vaccine is likely to be offered to close contacts of monkeypox cases, and sometimes to close contacts of monkeypox patients in a strategy called ring vaccinationIn some areas, everyone in high-risk groups is eligible for vaccination.

The exact rules about who gets the vaccine vary by location. If you think you fall into one of the above categories, check with your local or state health department on how to queue for the monkeypox vaccine.

Why can’t I get the monkeypox vaccine?

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