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Why are “gentlemen” banned from the theater?Out of Touch Children’s Guide for Adults

Image of article titled The Out-of-Touch Adults & # 39; Guide to Children's Culture: Why & # 39; Gentleminions & # 39; Banned?

The main distinguishing between children and the elderly is the technical disparity and The children have not completely internalized the inevitability of their death. Young people have much more time than we do. The freedom to support themselves and not have to clean everything joins the grassroots movement around stupid children’s films, discovers the benefits of “Brownian noise” and all the nifty rainforests of North America. Leave enough time to dine at the cafe.

Why is #gentleminions banned from theaters?

Last week, children from all over the world I was planning to wear a suit or dress Minions: The rise of glue.. good, The crazy bastard actually did it. A horde of “gentle minions” joined in, spurring on TikTok’s video and swaying fashionable clothes. The rise of gurus over- weekend.They responded enthusiastically to cheers and screams, increased box office revenues, and posted about seven. Million videos TikTok’s #gentleminions To prove that it happened. They even brought bananas, their favorite food.

So some kids had a good time with the movie, and the studio made a huge amount of dough — everyone must be happy, right? of course not. Some theater owners were clearly angry with the influx of paid customers enjoying the movie and began driving gentlemen out of the theater. In some places, the Police were called in to incite a well-dressed villain..Some theaters in the UK are preemptive Prohibition of “children without companions” From screening The rise of gurus If they are dressed too properly.

I’m sure some of the teens were incredibly uncomfortable and ruined the nuances of Minions: The rise of glue For other cinephilia, but maybe people need to be brighter? At least Universal Pictures is happy.Company Tweet: “To everyone who appears in @Minions in a suit: we meet you and we love you.”

Brownian noise takes over TikTok

I’ve heard about “Brown Notebook” before. This is a mysterious frequency that makes the intestines empty for those who hear it, but Brownian noise is new to me. Sadly, the audio trends that take over TikTok have nothing to do with forcing people to shit out of control. Instead, it’s similar to “white noise” played to drown out other distractions and help sleep. Differences: White noise consists of sounds that cover a wide range of frequencies, from very low frequencies to very high frequencies. Brownian noise contains only the mids and lows, and the treble is completely omitted.

According to Brown Neuser, the sound drowns out internal distraction, allowing more concentration and relaxation, especially for people with attention deficit disorder. I was ready to dismiss everything as another ridiculous tendency, Practical science to back up the benefits of white noise for people with ADHDSo it’s not that widespread to think that brown noise might be Work too.But the real kicker came when I visited #brownoise hashtaI played g and some videos.Damn if you’re not relaxed!!

Wrap Tree House and Stupid Food: Intentionally Incompetent Online Pathogenicity

This week, a video that seems to portray a camp hack was talked about on Twitter. With a clipA woman in a wooded wilderness begins to build a tree house from a roll of wrap.It’s fascinating, but commenters have pointed out almost universally all the ways this is a terrible idea: IIt is expensive, wasteful, time consuming, and at risk of choking. How about just buying a tent?..

There’s no context in the video, but the point is incredible reaction, and no doubt no one thinks building a rap structure in nature is actually a good idea. Before sharing in the feed, you should comment, “This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done.” It’s a sub-genre of such deliberate incompetent demonstrations that joins “food that no one makes or eats” and “life hacks that no one uses.” Aspic man’s cat food Recipes, these Dam life hackAnd a lot 5 minutes craft Content (though you may not have done that intentionally) I’m sure no such thing has been posted on Lifehacker.com …

This Week’s Viral Video: Driven to All Rainforest Cafes in North America

I love travel documentaries, pointless challenges, and pop culture ephemera that should disappear but somehow survive.This week’s viral video includes them all.. of “I drove to all the Rainforest Cafes in North America,“YouTuber Ted Nivision And his partner Eddy Burback is doing just that. They drive about 10,000 miles to visit malls from California to New Jersey to Canada. Immerse yourself in the mysterious atmosphere of the Rainforest Cafe, where the animals are animatronics, the food is mediocre, and thunderstorms occur indoors every 22 minutes.

The chain was founded in In the midst of the theme restaurant frenzy in 1994, unlike the bad food idea that released the shutter, somehow it’s still alive. Fashion cafe, Mars 2112, dive! (Steven Spielberg’s submarine-themed restaurant chain), And WWF New York (restaurant about professional wrestling). Sadly, it may be written on the wall of the Rainforest Cafe. There used to be 34 locations in the United States, but only 17 are left, so don’t postpone your visit.

This video is one of the projects that divides people into two groups. People who say, “But why do you do that?” aPeople who say, “Why do you do something else?” I’m completely in the second camp. As Nivision said It: “It’s the stupidest and most ridiculous restaurant to exist, and I love it very much.”

Why are “gentlemen” banned from the theater?Out of Touch Children’s Guide for Adults

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