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Why almost all Instagram videos are on reel

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As some of you may have noticed, Instagram is pushing Reels (a TikTok clone in the app).very difficult. Since Reels was released in 2020, Meta-owned image-sharing apps have begged people to use this feature ( It’s not just about reposting your TikToks there). Whether you actually made a reel or not, you have no immediate choice. If you post a video less than 15 minutes, within the next few weeks, Will be a reel.. Here’s what you need to know:

What is a reel again?

Instagram has been flirting with this idea for months. In January The company confirmed that it started testing Possibility of pivoting to REels appear in every video, making a difference for just a few users. At the time, a spokeswoman said the change was “part of an effort to simplify and improve the video experience on Instagram.”

A reel is a short video that the user can edit with special effects, filters, and individual audio tracks. Basically, they are exactly the same as TikToks. There are basic audio clips that users can lip-sync or react to, which tend to be app-specific and have a discoverability element.Until this new change takes effect, Lille will be in the app[検出]It had its own feed in the section and was displayed on a unique tab in each creator’s profile, separate from other videos such as IGTV posts. (IGTV posts are an option for all videos over 15 minutes.) Unlike other videos, the reels occupy the entire screen during playback.

The reel has a number of in-app editing features, including the ability to speed up and down. Video, and Edit the clips together. This sets it apart from, for example, the story feature and the old way of posting videos to the grid. Also, like TikTok, the original audio you add to the reels becomes an audio clip that other glamorers can use on their reels. This will be important later.

Other users will be able to use your reel audio

Videos posted before the changes take effect will remain in their normal format, but all videos less than 15 minutes will be on reel. All of these videos and reels are available in one “Video” tab of your profile.Importantly, all the video content contained in the carousel No It will be a reel. The carousel remains independent of the video tab and stays in the normal grid of pages.

Most notably here, anyone with a public account faces the possibility that the original audio will be used by others. their Please note that it is a reel. Instagram also said that when it announced the changes, anyone with a public account was eligible to view the reels via the Discover page and recommend it to more people. Private users, on the other hand, only see reels (and audio clips). Depends on followers.One of the public users can You can control Remixes, which is the reel equivalent to TikTok’s duet. In the settings, you can turn off the ability for others to remix your reels and remove the option for others to repost content with their additions or reactions.

In the coming weeks, the enhanced remix feature will allow users to remix public photos to create reels and add reactions to existing reels after playback instead of side-by-side during playback.

While Instagram is clearly biting TicktakuIt borrowed features from another popular app, BeReal: The new dual feature allows users to record using the front and back cameras at the same time and view the content and reaction at the same time.

Why almost all Instagram videos are on reel

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