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Why Add Horseradish to Your Blue Cheese Dressing

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Stick to blue cheese dressing.Whether it’s chicken wings, wedges, or a slice of pizza, the pourable cheese brings an equally delightful salty funk to meats, vegetables, and carbs. very simplebut a recent trip Clyde’s Prime Rib Prompted me to mix it up a bit.

If you’ve never been to Clyde’s in Portland, Oregon, know it’s a pleasure. The semi-circular booth, the armor in the lobby, the prime rib, and other must-haves. Dined there just last weekend to celebrate my 36th birthday. my order (wedge salad, shrimp cocktail, prime rib stuffed with baked potato, Creme brulee).

As I perused the salad dressings, I saw the house salad with “horseradish blue cheese” and it took my breath away. What an exciting combination. Sinus-clearing and taste-resetting, horseradish is the perfect foil for all the salt, fat, and funk that comes with his blue cheese dressing. 10/10 addition, no notes.

Even better, it’s very easy to do at home. Vanilla essence for salad dressing (Hack I stole Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, Florida), all you have to do is add stuff to the dressing.

The amount of horseradish depends on how much horseradish you can handle, so add a spoonful at a time to taste. Grab a jar of the prepared material and scoop it out, stirring between each addition until fully incorporated.Note the wings. The blue cheese dressing is there to provide a cooling sensation when paired with the wings, but not in this version.

Why Add Horseradish to Your Blue Cheese Dressing

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