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Who is Graggle Simpson?Out of Touch Children’s Guide for Adults

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Youth pop culture has mountains and valleys, And this week is a clear valley.Maybe that’s because there are so many school-aged people Man that is Studying for the finals, or maybe everyone is gluing on January 6th Parliamentary inquiryBut it doesn’t seem to happen much to young people culture. Come on, entertain me with Youth of America, scandals, dangerous TikTok challenges, and incredibly complex memes! This is what’s happening during this late week.

Johnny Depp joins TikTok

Fresh from his civil court victory over actress Amber Heard, Johnny Depp TikToking has started. So far, Pirates of the Caribbean The star just posted Single video, We meet him In the car And jamming with him (of course Absolutely terrible) rock band.

“To all of my most important, loyal and unwavering supporters. We were together everywhere,” Depp wrote in his video description. “We did the right thing together because you care. And now we are all moving forward together. As always, you are my employer and once again I am I’m crazy that there’s no way to thank you other than just thank you. So thank you. “So far, more than 12 million people have subscribed to Depp’s feed. Because it is very convincing.

Hulu pistol That’s excellent

Probably not many teenagers are crazy about Hulu’s Sex Pistols miniseries pistol, But maybe there should be. The particular story of the chaotic ascending and descending of a highly dysfunctional rock band from a million years ago is probably not important to them, Of the pistol Even if you’ve never dyed your hair purple or stabbed a safety pin in your nose, the depiction of the useless beauty of youthful rebellion is timeless. So, to the young blades of the past, we introduce older young people (punk rock includes nudity, taunting, and violence). Don’t show them what the surviving Sex Pistols look like right now.that Shit seems to be more depressing than the residential areas of London in the 1970s.

Kids: Are they stupid fucking?

Adults, especially those without children, often forget how stupid their children are. It’s really the key to understanding them. The subreddit r / kidsarefuckingstupid, It provides irrefutable evidence. In the endless stream of childhood stupidity posted, Transparent trendy advertising,child Eat onions after repeated warningsAnd a glorious comment chain in this way, Contains three examples of outstanding stupidity From the youth of our country. Unlike many online, ” Them People’s hub, this reddit hive is generally affectionate —Children are stupid, but not mean (The usual), And occasionally Stupidity comes from such a magical place You want adults to be a little unwise.

Who is Graggle Simpson?

Everyone loves simple tools and ways they can start over with their imaginationImagine a fictional universe, from the venerable “fan fiction” traditions of the Internet to the bizarre stories of Graggle Simpson.If you’re not a giant SimpsonFan, Graggle was just Recently added In the series.Most viewers hate him, but he’s digitally inserted into older people The Simpsons Episode, angry fan. Or is his name “Gumbly” and he was an unpopular early character, but has he disappeared and been pushed into the current episode? Either way, Graggle / Gumbly Simpson doesn’t really contain anything The Simpsons episode.He was created by the internet, but his popularity as a fan is growing anyway Create your own screenshot As proof, share the memories of their favorite gurgle moments. Graggle also made it The Simpsons Hit & Run Video game!!I don’t know if it’s real The Simpsons But putting him in an episode would be great or terrible.

TikTok asks: Is the gas losing its odor?

Not long ago, users yungvec I made an interesting observation on TikTok: he can no longer smell gas at a gas station. video It started to spread and many other users reported the same phenomenon. There are two main theories: either the government changes the composition of gasoline to make it less efficient and make more money, or more people lose their sense of smell from COVID...in the meantime The government is actually changing the amount of ethanol in gasoline (But to lower that price instead of raising it), and in fact there may be more COVIDs More often than we know, I would like to propose a third theory. Improved gas pump technology has reduced gas leaks and reduced odors.

This Week’s Viral Video: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

People are very interested Call of Duty: New Trailer: Modern Warfare II: Over 23 million people have watched so farOnly 2 days later online.. But the content there isn’t just trailers. You can also see More than 7 minutes of gameplay footage from a level called “Dark Water” Involved A tense mission on an oil platform where the world’s destiny is balanced. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II It will come out in October. 28 28 For PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC.Hey, it’s just in time for the holiday Shopping season! Put it on your list, kids.

Who is Graggle Simpson?Out of Touch Children’s Guide for Adults

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