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Who is Ezra Miller?A guide for adults who are indifferent to child culture

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Young people are often accused of believing strange things like: Mysterious folk magic practices and zombie invasions, but then some very powerful adults too I believed spend $200 million on movies starring Ezra Miller was a good idea, so no one is innocent.

Ezra Miller’s many (alleged) crimes

If you’re too busy with work, cleaning, etc. to find out who Ezra Miller is, let me fill you in. 29 year old actor enter the speed force while playing flash in DC expand cormorantNiverse, and again because he is accused of a crime.like tons of crime. Here is a partial list of crimes related to Miller:

  • drug possession
  • disorderly behavior
  • Harassment of patrons at karaoke bars

and they are formal I will charge For more dramatic accusations, Sexual harassment, cult leadership, grooming, inappropriate behavior around children, etc. (If you are interested, click here it’s all vulgar detail) this is all mostly relevant Because Warner Bros. is planning a release. feature film Starring Miller as tHe flashes into 2023. flash‘s budget is said to be around $200 million, which puts a lot on the shoulders of this loose cannon actor. stay tuned.

BREAKING: Teens Hate Facebook

Maybe it’s a privacy issue, monetization of political disinformation, or Zuckerberg’s stupid face, but teens don’t like Facebook at all.according to Pew Research Center research Among teenagers ages 13-17, Facebook is It’s less popular than YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram (which, admittedly, are owned by Facebook’s parent company, Meta)., and snapchat. only 32% The percentage of teens surveyed who say they use Facebook is down from 71% in 2015.pp, Reddit, Tumblr, and being told to cook. Unlike Facebook, YouTube is very popular with kids, with 95% of them reporting using it. TikTok is close second 67%.

Is TikTok’s honey method mysteriously cursing people? (No.)

I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated by the mysticism of TikTok. this week, Witch Tok Everything is “honey method.” It works like this: honey.You are Think of someone you love.You are Draw a cross on your tongue with honey. This makes the object of your desire obsessed with you. And let you talk sweetly about them. (i.e. it won’t, but it Supporter It has a certain effect, whether it works or not. Magical realism style what i can appreciateHowever, according to some TikTokers, this is a traditional Hispanic magical practice (we don’t know if this is true, but they say so) and comes with cultural appropriation warnings. increase. If you’re non-Hispanic and cast a honey spell, bad things may happen to youSo be careful, and stick to your own culture’s folk magical traditions to be safe.

Are there zombies in China? (No.)

Nearly 7 million videos have been viewed on TikTok with the hashtag. Zombies In ChinaMany videos make fun of the idea, but some TikTok users seem to legally believe There’s a zombie riot going on in China right now.

To remove all doubts, there are no zombie outbreaks in China. this video, There was only one zombie, but it was very weak and did not hurt anyone. They killed it minutes after it was created. ” Was good. Yeah, it’s silly, but given how insane the actual events of the last five years or so have been, people are forgiven for giving the idea a little bit of value. Also for this reason.

Viral Video of the Week: “Regrets From High School Theater” ft. @Caleb Hyles

I can’t sing, dance, or act, but I was still in every musical in high school. Even now, as an adult, I still like the atmosphere. All my favorite people in the world were theater geeks in high school. Viral video of the week “high school theater regrets,We offer Encouraging evidence that this teenage subspecies is still alive, still geek sincere Its a very specific theater nerd way, and a school play still rocking in an era when it all ended. It is encouraging. Also, tMaking personal and casual stories through hand-crafted animation is a very internet genre, Illimation Really nail it here.

Who is Ezra Miller?A guide for adults who are indifferent to child culture

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