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Who is Blackpink?A guide for adults who are indifferent to child culture

Image from article titled 'The Out-of-Touch Adults' Kid Culture Guide: What is Blackpink?

before the new album K-pop band Blackpink has released a video for their song “Pink Venom” and the online reaction was child everything that happened on earth in the past week-sponsored You’re about 16 and you’re not yet worried about your student debt forgivenessBut there’s also a killer (literally) new slide in Detroit, and young people are finally deciding to quit their jobs.

Viral video of the week: BLACKPINK – ‘Pink Venom’ dance practice video

Video goes less ‘viral’ than Blackpink’s Pink Venom dance practice videoMore than 20 million people watched during the period First day online. If you’re anything like me, you’re asking, “What is Blackpink now?”then let me tell you: Blackpink is a Korean all-female pop band that has steadily taken the world by storm since its formation in 2016. albumbut follow up, born pink, is scheduled to drop in September. 16—Hence the massive hype for the new video (Or a rehearsal for a new video, i guess)i don’t know anything more than thatbut I know that “pink poison” is dangerous. I thought so It was the number one song in the world until I heard “Giant Slide.”

Belle Isle’s giant slide delights and hurts nations

p of the weekop culture runner Up (and the winner of my heart this week) Belle Island Giant Slide in Detroit.Tilted steel amusement park attraction closed for two years due to pandemic It reopened last week and the slide worked a little that too Videos of riders being launched into the air, slammed into the slide’s metal surface, and run amok have delighted people all over the world. (As far as I know, no one has actually taken it seriously Sadly, some are too beautiful to live on, and Killjoy of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources washed and waxed the slides to make them less beautiful. Awesome.

To see the carnage for yourself, check it out above A fan-made video for a song by Detroit rapper Gmac Cash.giant slide85,000 views I never love it

Andrew Tate banned from everything on earth

Last week, I reluctantly informed anyone reading this column. The presence of failed reality star and misogynistic male influencer Andrew Tate. This week, Tate was removed from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube for violating the platform’s hate speech policy. Was there a connection between my scathing commentary and Tate’s harsh comments? BanAbsolutely not!But the point is, I’m never driven again At least write about Andrew Tate Until it’s time to report how few people attended his funeral.

TikTok “What not to google”

I’ve been around this internet so long that I shouldn’t have googled what my friend told you, clicked, clicked, or even turned on the computer in the first place but it is Wisdom I I won through bitter experience. On TikTok, “Things you should never google” Hashtag Aims to keep impressive peeps away from the worst of the web before being deceived Try searching for “lemon party” at least once.suggestion Running the Whole Range from Backing Medical Terms Horrible google images result, creepy true crime story,to this Video listing 5 confusing terms But I’m not Google, so god damn it! Don’t miss it!

Why are teens self-taught in sex education?

there is grassroots movement It is both exciting and sad among young people in the most religious parts of the country. Rally outside a Virginia school board meetingtexas teenagers Sharing Abortion and Sexuality Information on InstagramWhen Teenager in Tennessee Organizing reproductive rights. at the same time, parent group organizing to take books out of the library, Closing LGBTQ+ groups in schoolsquit school sex ed program, and keep Contraceptive Stay away from children.

What is the ‘slow life’ trend sweeping TikTok?

The age of youth glorifying the hustle and grind is coming to an end, being replaced by chillers vibe Of #slowliving. The hashtag/philosophy/design aesthetic emphasizes happiness over money, laziness over hard work, and above all, nap More than awake during the day.

On the one hand, the movement’s existence begs the question, “Isn’t it primarily wealthy white people who can afford to kickback?” But on the other hand, young people who ask if there’s more to life than being slaves to silly jobs are healthy and positive.i’m doing this shit YearI call it “fuck no more” but no hashtag.

Who is Blackpink?A guide for adults who are indifferent to child culture

Source link Who is Blackpink?A guide for adults who are indifferent to child culture

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