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Who actually won the Depp vs. Hard Trial?Out of Touch Children’s Guide for Adults

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This week, nostalgia dominated the youth Internet and paid attention to trials involving all Y and Gen Z. Past starring actor Johnny Depp I’m listening to the timeless music of Kate Bush of Chanteus. Now, Marty, get ready to go back to the present.

I heard v..Depp Trial mercifully concludes

Everyone is talking about the end of the big dam trial everywhere, so lemme gets over this: this week there was a verdict in the controversy between the heartbeat of the 90’s / the pirates of the 2000’s.Luxury waste Johnny Depp and actress Amber Heard. The trial, which began in early 2005, ended on Wednesday with results primarily in favor of Depp.The jury found the 2000s star Depp The man who cried Honored by ex-wife I heard in Washington PosIn an editorial published in 2018, she describes her experience as a survivor of domestic violence. She did not appoint Depp as an abuser, she presented Well documented evidExistence of her allegations during the trial.. Her counterclaim by Haad found that Depp also defamed her. Both Depp and Hard look pretty famous to me.

I’ve been ignoring this inblogrio ever since I started it, so I’m happy it’s easier now. Verdicts are considered proof by the worst people on the planet (male rights activists, sexual assault denials, misogyny, etc.) and have a fairly widespread impact in terms of free speech. BWell, the handsome actor guy earns millions of dollars, and it’s all finally done mercifully, so do you think it’s a victory?

Meet Nardwaur the Human Serviette, a generational counterculture hero

The other day My child said, “Dad you Have To watch these videos from NardwartHe is a human minister! And it knocked me back in time. A long dormant synapse ignited my brain. A 10th generation VHS featuring an incredibly nerdy Canadian guy in a bizarre and heartwarming interview with alternative rock heroes such as Henry Rollins and Kurt Cobain in a friend’s silly student apartment one night ago. I remembered watching the lip. “That guy can’t be around yet,” I thought.But he teethAnd he is the hero of your children. Nardwaur YouTube Video It boasts dramatically more views than pirated VHS tapes on the planet. In short, YouTube has over 2 million subscribers.

Recently, Nardwaur interviews a rapper who: Kendrick Lamar And like a singer Billie Eilish Excluding that BlurBut the formula hasn’t changed, and the interview has the same magic that I remember from behind: Nardwaur, dressed in a mismatched plaid and holding a strange gift, tells everyone, “You. Who is it? ” Even if he’s talking to Jay-ZThen, like a 7th grade friend, ask questions about unreasonably vague details from the subject’s life, or questions about obscure records made by his father. Nardwuar’s sophistication, or absolute lack of hips, brings a strangely moving and personal interview that’s about a billion times more interesting than the typical “Tell me about your new song” content. .. Everything welcomes Nardwaur! Living evidence that the only way to stay calm is to not try to stay calm in the first place.

The new generation is crazy about Kate Bush

As an encouraging sign for the future, a whole new generation of clever, artistic, bizarre and wonderful children are devoting a significant portion of their internal real estate to Kate Bush. The mysterious singer “Mysterious Hill” exploded on TikTok and Spotify, taking first place on iTunes and in the top 10 in 34 countries. Not bad for a 1985 song.The resurrection comes thanks to the use of numbers in the new season Stranger Things With Netflix. The famous Recruit Bush stopped playing live in 1979 and did some shows in 2014,Frequently license her music.Bush reportedly lent her to show her song because she was a fan-or say so Stranger Things‘Music Coordinator— It’s not like Kate Bush talking to the press.

Lizards take over TikTok

There is always a counterweight. It’s not just the great things from the past that have returned to the surface this week. The electronic generation is also digging up crappy and terrible things.Example: Strange corner TikTok is talking about “Leptoid” The disturbing conspiracy theory that the British were last popular among idiots in the 1990s Sports announcer David Icke Fainting him, he began to tell everyone that reptile aliens dominate the world. New, supercharged versions of the story are spreading rapidly, and videos of all kinds of TikTok claim to be fake human-skinned space reptiles that famous people and politicians actually want to eat babies. doing. (Do you think me?) Anyway, Joe Biden, Megan Markle, Kamala Harris, Lady Gaga, and Mark Zuckerberg are all reptiles. (They may have a relationship with Zuckerberg. ) “Evidence” is mainly one of the videos With feed glitch (Probably the moment the mask falls) or just A strange image of a celebrity’s face— By the way, the video has been watched over 1.5 million times. If it doesn’t go to the end of all the conspiracy theories, everything would be interesting: it’s the Jewish fault.

This Week’s Viral Video: I Survived 30 Days For $ 0.01

YouTuber Ryan Trahan Doing something good this week will make you viral. Starting with just one penny and traveling the country, his video series is exactly what YouTuber expects from stunt content, but Trahan encourages an ever-growing audience to donate. Feeding AmericaLegal charity (I checked).

In terms of content, the three videos posted so far are tributes to the power of arbitrage and the potential of capitalism.Anyone As long as they are handsome, charismatic white children with infinite energy and self-confidence, they can accomplish it in America. There is no doubt that Trahan will complete his cross-country journey with a pocket full of money and 1,000 more friends than I have ever had. But hey, maybe he’ll be hit by a bus. Check out the adventure yourselfAnd donate a few coins, why not?

Who actually won the Depp vs. Hard Trial?Out of Touch Children’s Guide for Adults

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