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Which is cheaper, a shower or a bath?

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The heat and humidity these days may be causing you to take longer than usual showers and baths. And if you’re paying for water (or are concerned with saving water), does showering or bathing hurt your wallet (and the environment)? are as follows:

Showering vs Bathing: Which Uses More Water?

There are various variables here, such as size. Bathtub (and how much water you put in to bathe), type of showerhead What do you have and how long does your shower usually last.

according to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average shower duration is about 8 minutes and the average shower head pumps 2.1 gallons of water per minute, so the average shower uses over 16 gallons of water.

on the other hand, The average bathtub holds 80 gallons of waterSo it’s 40 gallons even if it’s only half full. To save water when bathing, EPA Proposal Plug the drain immediately and adjust the temperature as the tub fills. Still, it usually uses less water than a bath, unless you take a long shower.

If you’re looking for more precise numbers (and want less math), use this calculator Decide whether to use less water when showeringr or bath.

How to calculate the cost of a shower or bath

We’ve found that, on average, showers tend to use less water than bathing, so let’s see how to calculate how much it costs to get clean. I need to know how much I am paying.

Let’s say you’re currently paying $1.50 per 1,000 gallons of water, live with one other person, and take one eight-minute shower each day. Depending on your electricity bill (which is needed to heat the water) and the type of showerhead you have, a year’s worth of showers for her at home will cost you about $200 each year. .

You can do it use this calculator Plug in your own numbers and get an estimate of the cost of showering at your home.

Which is cheaper, a shower or a bath?

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