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Which airlines offer free Wi-Fi or free messaging (and which airlines make you pay)

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Number of flying Americans Finally, it has returned to the number before the pandemic. So, at any given time, nearly 2 million people are unknowingly scrolling through apps that are still working in airplane mode. However, a handful of airlines are playing a role in creating a better flight experience by providing the coveted free messaging or in-flight Wi-Fi. Although these services are not industry standards, the options and prices (or if any) offered by the most popular airlines in the United States are as follows:

Airlines offering free wives When Free messaging

JetBlue: JetBlue is the only major US airline that offers free unlimited Wi-Fi on all flights. JetBlue has partnered with Viasat to allow customers to browse the internet and send messages, as well as stream entertainment. In addition, all passengers will be offered a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime Video in case they are looking for entertainment. JetBlue warns you that Wi-Fi may not be guaranteed throughout the flight due to weather and other variables.

Offering airline Free messaging (but not free Wi-Fi)

Delta Air Lines: Delta offers free messaging via iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, but customers who want to jump into wifi need to pony up. You can purchase a one-time pass. From $ 5 However, it depends on the route and length of the flight.MeIf you fly often enough to justify it, Delta too Wi-Fi is available for $ 49.95 / month for domestic flights and $ 69.95 / month for international flights. Their paid wifi includes pushback to park streaming capabilities.

Alaska Airlines: Like Delta, Alaska Airlines offers free messaging via iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, but the message states that you can only send words and emoji. Photos and videos will not pass. If you want luxury, you can pay $ 8 for a basic Wi-Fi plan, but this includes email and web browsing only. Streaming and downloading large attachments is not supported.

Southwest Airlines: Sorry to all Facebook Messenger users, Southwest Airlines offers free messaging only to users of iMessage and WhatsApp, but also offers free music via iHeart Radio. Wifi can be purchased for $ 8 per device.

United Airlines: United Airlines offers free domestic messaging in the form of iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, wifi for $ 10 and you can switch devices. You are allowed to use the video streaming service, but not voice or video calls.

Airlines that do not offer free wifi or free messaging

American Airlines: American Airlines does not offer free messaging, but customers can buy wifi for $ 10 per device. This includes web browsing, email, and streaming services. For frequent flyer services, American Airlines offers monthly Wi-Fi subscriptions starting at $ 49.95 per month.

Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines offers wifi that can be purchased on flights, but fares vary by route and duration. Keep in mind that if you need streaming capabilities, you will need to purchase a specific streaming package.

Airlines that do not offer Wi-Fi at all

Frontier Airlines: When asked why we don’t offer wifi, Frontier Airlines explains, “We want to return cost savings to our customers and offer the lowest possible fares!” fair enough.

Hawaiian Airlines: If you are using Hawaiian Airlines, you will not receive a free message. You are not going to get free wifi. But when you land in Hawaii, Free ray Isn’t it better than a message or a TV show by draping it gently on the neck?

Which airlines offer free Wi-Fi or free messaging (and which airlines make you pay)

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