Where to find greeting cards that aren’t happiness, clichés, or other annoyances

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Some families are greeting card families.That is, every year (birthday, anniversary, holiday, etc.) or if the opportunity arises. Milestones (graduations, weddings, new homes, etc.), cards flood your mailbox. As part of the greeting card family, I am grateful to receive an email telling me that my loved one is thinking about me, celebrating me, or sympathizing with me.But as someone who buys a lot of cards to make a round trip, I have the choice at most stores Missing.

How to find a greeting card you really like

Overall, most drugstore greeting cards fall into one of the following categories:

  • Excessively happy or sentimental enough for my 11 year old to label It’s “wrinkle”
  • It’s rude on the border because it’s so unfriendly
  • Desperate to make it interesting
  • It oozes out with a cliché

I was anxious for the card a Feelings between “Mom, Happy Mother’s Day” and “From the moment you were born, you were all about me …”.

Also, a flatulence joke Directly Can be interesting. The flatulence jokes on greeting cards are never fun.

And what do you guess? Not all dads fish. Not all dads have a TV remote control all to themselves.

At that point, my only favorite at my local Walgreens was Father’s Day Card, so I’ve bought Father’s Day Card for the third year in a row. I think I could have shopped elsewhere, but I didn’t expect to stand in front of me. just Same choice every year. Besides, other drugstores and grocery stores I’ve tried so far have told the same story: happiness, unfriendly, desperate, or cliché.

And one day, a friend experienced something I knew that happy, unfriendly, desperate, or clichés deserve more recognition and empathy than ever before. rice field. So I logged on to Etsy and I found this card:

Image of an article titled Sappy, Cliché, or any other non-nuisance greeting card location

And suddenly … buying a card felt like an excuse to peruse Etsy, not a normal chore. This is just to find an excuse. I like to support artists and small businesses online. I like to find more personalized messaging. I like the quality of each card I bought.

Where to find the best greeting cards online

Here’s a sample of a recently purchased card to show what’s possible.

  • Costco’s favorite sister-in-law’s birthday card: “One part, you’re young and cool. The next part is Google cleaning the best vacuum cleaners for 2022.”
  • This birthday card for dear friends: “You laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You jump off the cliff, I scream,” Flip! “
  • This sweet card for my son’s teacher: “You are a wonderful teacher. A teacher who cares for, inspires and brings out the best …”
  • This 40th birthday card I read it bitterly. So yesterday. “
  • Apparently I sent this version, so I like to use f-word when I’m really trying to convey the gravity of experience.Passed. end. Shit. finally.The card from the foster parent to the daughter’s adopted friend was finalized for years for COVID, and after many court delays.
  • Or maybe I generally like to swear. Because I sent this card to her new mom shortly after she gave birth.You are a completely bad person.. “
  • know This fish-themed “Sacred Carp. It’s your birthday card.” It seems to go against everything I said about bad jokes and clichés, but this is for my brother-in-law, a fisheries research biologist, and importantly, he’s a frontal artistic. I thought I loved rendering. These are very individual and that’s the point.
  • Here’s a Mother’s Day card I chose for my mother-in-law this year to prove that it’s not all vows or cheap shots.No one can tell you more about love than your mom“She respects the words she often says. “No one loves you like your mother.”

I don’t that’s all Buy greeting cards on Etsy — I’m also looking for shops for other individual artists.I especially love Gray Day Studio (“”I’m tremendously excited about your birthday!The card is everytime I have it at hand).

As I wrote this, I remembered not sending a “Congratulations” card to a friend who had just signed a literary agent to sell her novel.So now she’s getting thisIt’s some next level of shit“card.Because get the agent teeth Some next level shit.

How to get the best deals when buying greeting cards online

Yes, you may pay a little more for these cards if you purchased them individually without any special plans. for example, “this. Shit. inhale.The cost is $ 6.50 and there is a shipping fee ($ 1 to your home).But I can do it Easily spend $ 5.99 Suppy card At Walgreens, if I’m in a pinch and really need one opportunity-specific card, I’m willing to eat that extra $ 1.50 to get what I like.

I try to be more strategic than that I can. Even if you pay $ 5 or $ 6 per card, you can get free shipping with a certain amount of money. Always check if you can stockpile more cards from the same store on other occasions. When in doubt Such a cute “thank you” card On hand (or purchase) Variety packIf offered); Save on shipping, support small business owners, and save on last-minute trips to Walgreens (I don’t know why I choose Walgreens so much).

Or just accept something completely cheap

If the cost of buying a greeting card online is ridiculous or extravagant that you can’t even think of, I’ll listen to you (and I was you). However, you know that if you still realize that you are a member of the greeting card family, you will not be exempt from sending the card. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s a good idea to skip the tired and expensive drugstore cards and go straight to your local dollar store., In many cases, you can get 2 points for $ 1. They are mostly unfriendly kind, but at least you have fulfilled your duty.

(Or send the same card to your dad every year as long as you can tolerate both. It’s a little funny.)

Where to find greeting cards that aren’t happiness, clichés, or other annoyances

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