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When you should (and shouldn’t) use sand on your lawn

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Golf courses are more green than green and are known for their well-maintained lawns. And if you’ve been to one, you may have noticed a layer of sand on the link. However, unlike those professionally maintained lands, most people do not have their own landscape architects or land managers and, as a result, want to solve the problem on their own.

But if you put sand on your lawn, will it be the greenest grass in the block? Or does it ultimately do more harm than good? Here’s what you need to know:

When putting sand on the lawn

The practice of spreading a layer of sand on the lawn (sometimes called “top dressing”) can bring serious benefits to the lawn.If done correctly. According to RHS-trained gardener Simon Clifford Includes some examples:

  • Improve the structure of topsoil
  • Improvement of soil drainage
  • Supplying nutrients to the soil

However, Larry Williams, a residential horticultural agent at the University of Florida Extension Office in Okaloosa County, said: Take a much more cautious approach Beware of homeowners and top dressing It should only be used to fill low or bare areas as a way to deal with thatch problems or to cover the roots of trees on the surface.

When not putting sand on the lawn

Unfortunately, spreading sand on the lawn can be more harmful than good in certain situations. According to Williams, weed seeds, nematodes, and diseases can first be introduced, depending on their source. He adds that putting too much sand in the lower part of the lawn can choke it.

But beyond that, he says most homeowners aren’t equipped or unable to regularly cover their lawns with sand. “It can be difficult to spread the sand in a timely and even manner.” Williams writes.. “Homeowners start with the best intention of consistently spreading the sand and finding that work is slow and difficult by the end of the day.”

When you should (and shouldn’t) use sand on your lawn

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