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When will states offer tax-free back-to-school weekends in 2022?

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nothing greater than portends the end of summer more than the reappearance of back to school sale.And how you feel about this annual calendar event It can be complicated. money spent on pen, marker, paper,folder, And notes — so many notes —Better

If you’re lucky, you might be one of the 15 Americans in the states. back to school list without paying Sales tax – if you time it correctlyThis year is seventeenTates are scheduled Back-to-school tax holidays, meanwhile shopper can stock up Year-round educational supplies while having fun a little financial relief

cormorantUnfortunately the window is already closed Two states, Mississippi and Tennesseebefore you follow suit Check out the list below to see if you have a chance to save some cash. to the store, Check your state’s guidelines (linked from each state name in the list below) to see which The product is included in the duty-free list.

Note: Some states allow exemptions for school supplies as well as clothing, while others are a little more strict.Each state has its own guidelines for how many dollars. The value of goods that can be purchased tax-free.

States to offer tax-free back-to-school shopping in 2022

Arkansas: August 6-7

Connecticut: August 21-27

Florida: through now August 7

Illinois: August 5-14

Iowa: August 5-6

Maryland: August 14-20

Massachusetts: August 13-14

Missouri: August 5-7

New Mexico: August 5-7

Ohio: August 5-7

Oklahoma: August 5-7

South Carolina: August 5-7

Texas: August 5-7

Virginia: August 5-7

West Virginia: August 5-8

For more information, Hip2Save compiled a Roundof item Eligible for duty-free shopping in each state.

When will states offer tax-free back-to-school weekends in 2022?

Source link When will states offer tax-free back-to-school weekends in 2022?

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