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When to see the lunar eclipse in May 2022

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Looking up at the full moon, “I think it’s okay, but when? conduct something? “May is your month. Most of North America is treated as a complete lunar eclipse, a complete” blood month “this month. The entire show can be seen from late May 15th to May 16th in most of North America, all of South America and West Africa, and parts of Western Europe.

Complete schedule to see the lunar eclipse of May

If everything goes according to plan, and if we all want it, the eclipse will occur at the next hour of the next stage.

  • May 15th, 9:31 pm ET: The penumbra eclipse begins. This is when the shadow of the earth first passes in front of the moon.
  • May 15th, 10:27 pm ET: Partial solar eclipse begins.This is the moon that goes into the darkest part of EThe shadow of the arts.
  • May 16th, 12:02 am ET: The biggest solar eclipse! This is the moment we have been waiting for and the eclipse is perfect!
  • May 16th, 0:53 am ET: The end of the total solar eclipse.
  • May 16th, 1:54 am ET: The end of the partial solar eclipse.
  • May 16th, 2:52 am ET: The end of the penumbra solar eclipse. The moon returns to normal, and after the excitement of the moon, everyone smokes.

Anyway, what is a lunar eclipse?

The shadow of E is the lunar eclipseThe arts pass in front of the moon and darken it a little. If only part of E, the eclipse may be partialOf arts When the entire moon is darkened by E, the shadow darkens the moon.The shadow of the arts. The moon does not disappear completely, But. Light from EThe sunsets and sunrises of the arts still reach the moon and they are growing-OutlightWaves make mIt will be displayed in red immediately. It is called Blood Moon.

Do you need eye protection to see the lunar eclipse?

Unlike a solar eclipse, you can see a lunar eclipse without eye protection.

Why is May’s Moon called “Flower Moon”?

Name of the monthIs unofficial and is based on the lunar calendar used by Native Americans. The nickname “Flower Moon” in May is AlgonquianAnd based on the fact that it blooms in May (you guessed it).

Most Native American groups have nominated May’s Moon on their way home from spring. The Cree called it the “emerging moon” for the local plants. Dakota called it the “planting month”. It’s a good time to plant. My favorite name for May’s Moon comes from Ogara, who called it the descriptive and exciting “sheding pony moon.”

Are there any interesting historical events that accompany the lunar eclipse?

thank you! Back in 1504, the old bastard Christopher Columbus is now stuck-Jamaica day. His ship was damaged by the storm and his crew survived primarily due to Arawak philanthropy. However, tensions increased between the groups. Unwanted house guests stole from their hosts and prolonged their welcome by killing some of them, so the Arawaks said “no more” and had food for Columbus and his crew. I stopped coming.

Faced with angry Arawak-handed hunger and perhaps death, Columbus met and said, the head of the group. “Listen. God is angry with you because you don’t keep us food. He’s so angry that he’ll turn the moon red a couple of times. night. ”

I’m sure they made him laugh from the room, but unknown to the Arawak, Columbus examined astronomical texts and knew that a solar eclipse would occur on the night he predicted.

When the eclipse night came, the moon certainly turned red, and the Arawak begged Columbus to intervene in his god. Columbus (a liar bastard) pretended to persuade God to spare the Arawak and timed his prayers at the exact moment of the complete solar eclipse. The moon returned to normal, and the impressed Arawak continued to feed the lazy invaders until rescued months later.

This story is almost like this historic It’s a myth, but it really happened —Anyway, according to Christopher Columbus’ son’s voyage description.He was probably not smart enough to invent the whole story, and the eclipse date matches the Columbus date. (Jerk) Voyage.

Random moon facts

Secondly cEntree, Roman writer Lucian (probably) wrote the first science fiction novel.of The real story, Explorers aboard the ship set sail into space and are involved in the midst of a war between the moon and the sun.

When to see the lunar eclipse in May 2022

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