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When to see the confluence of Venus and Jupiter this weekend

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Something cool is happening this weekend. Venus and Jupiter appear to be really close in the sky and almost in contact with each other, even if they are millions of miles apart. They are most closely displayed around 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 30th. This is known as a “conjunction” Earth Sky has been advocating You will have your best shot on Saturday so that people can see the planet appear since the phenomenon began last week. Here’s what you need to know:

What is the union of planets?

The union of planets is a very simple kind of illusion. This is the name used when two things in the universe (asteroids, satellites, stars, planets, etc.) appear to be close to each other when viewed from Earth.They aren’t close to it, but it’s cool to see them look Like them.

There is a system to help astronomerss Identify exactly where the object will appear in the sky. For example, the RA and Declination celestial coordinate systems are adjusted to the tilt of the Earth and fixed at a reference point in the sky. Next is the ecliptic coordinate system. It is fixed in the orientation of the solar system within the galaxy.That one It is measured at the latitude and longitude of the ecliptic.

Two objects in the universe must have the same RA or the same ecliptic longitude to work with each other. But to o look Conjunctions, you don’t really need to know what they are.

What about Venus and Jupiter?

We all know that the planets of our solar system orbit the sun. The orbit is elliptical and slightly tilted with respect to the other orbits. From time to time, the orbits of two planets are aligned so that they appear close to each other from Earth.

That’s what’s happening on Venus and Jupiter right now. They are both in elliptical orbits and are more oriented towards each other than usual. At least from a vantage point on Earth between the two. Venus is close to us, Mars is on the other side of us, and Jupiter comes after that.

For each EarthSky, The two planets look closest to our sky April 30th and May 1st morning.. At the same time, Venus will be just .2 exit south of Jupiter. This is less than the entire diameter of the moon. Again, you don’t really need to know what this means to enjoy the big moments. It’s a little cool.

How can you see the union of Venus and Jupiter?

Venus and Jupiter appear to be approaching For a few days, it looks like it’s starting to separate on May 1st, so keep an eye out for it passing like two ships at night.

You don’t need a telescope to see the planets on April 30th and May 1st. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, look along the southeastern horizon at dawn. According to CNN.. Make sure it’s still dark enough so you can see some stars. In the Southern Hemisphere, conjunctions appear above the eastern horizon.

They are more prominent than some previous conjunctions because they are not as close to the sun as they were in the past. You will be looking for a small pin prick of light. Mars and Saturn are also attending the party It aligns almost north of Venus and Jupiter, but technically it shows four planets, but the big attraction is the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. If you run into problems, focus on looking for the two. Choose Light pin prick.

When to see the confluence of Venus and Jupiter this weekend

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