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When the mess becomes overwhelming, use the “Junebug” cleaning method

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I’m not a neat person by nature. I gave it a try and it wasn’t a particularly easy or intuitive process.When I calmed down Sometimes I can get through, but when life gets messy, keeping a clean home feels like an almost impossible task. During these times, one useful survival trick I’ve learned is , “genebug“ cleaning method.

This is a cleaning method for those who not only hate to clean, but are exhausted, dazed, distracted, and have only a few slices. Executive function left.The Junebug method isn’t the most efficient cleaning method, nor the most photogenic, but it can help get you started.even the simple act of doing everything It seems impossible.

What is “Junebagging”?

Just like the Junebug trying to get through another place over and over again Cleaning window screens, junebug means picking a specific spot in the house you want to clean, such as a kitchen sink with a high pile of dirty dishes, and going back to that same spot over and over again.how many times have i found myself Wandering away to do something else.

Junebagging is distraction cleaning, the process of putting dirty dishes in the dishwasher, but getting distracted by the pile of laundry you have to put in the washing machine. Scattered across the living room floor, my attention returns to the dishes on the kitchen counter, and I return to the kitchen sink to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. ) turn it on.As Megan Griffith contributed to Yahoo:

MeIt’s not about completing tasks step-by-step in an orderly fashion. Get something done, even if it’s not what you were trying to do. Even if you start 20 small cleaning tasks and only complete 5, it’s much better than being overwhelmed at first and doing nothing. Maybe she didn’t put the dishes in, but instead she saw her husband’s socks so she started doing laundry, maybe she stumbled while walking from the couch to the laundry so her son may have picked up a toy from I also went grocery shopping because I realized my dishwasher tablet was gone.

In the meantime, toddlers whining for treats, contractors calling about quotes on bathroom fixture repairs, work email respond.

Instead of using what little mental energy you have left to plan and prioritize what needs to be cleaned up, lean into the chaos and do whatever needs to be in front of you. It may be better to Go back to the original place you were trying to clean. Considering how exhausted you were in the beginning, Those clean plates and fresh Clothes feel like a terrible miracle.

When the mess becomes overwhelming, use the “Junebug” cleaning method

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