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When looking at the Tauhera Cris meteor shower

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Meteor is not uncommon: THere, the particles of the universe are constantly falling toward the earth. If you look carefully long enough on a particular night, you may see one or more stripes in the dark.However, there are many meteor showers that illuminate the night sky for minutes or hours at a time. It’s less common and spectacular this month. Perhaps.

When all the stars are aligned (Ehem), the Tauheraku Reed Shower will appear on the continental United States on the evening of May 30th and the early morning of May 31st. This is NASA’s Meteor Environment Bureau’s Bill Cook.All or nothing event“So expect the best and be prepared for the worst.

Here’s what you need to know:

When looking at the Tauherak Reed meteor shower

If that happens, the Tau Herak Reed Show Expected to peak Around 1 am on Tuesday, May 31 (10 pm PT on May 30).

The meteorite itself moves slowly and can appear darker than the meteorite Eta Aquarid Shower earlier this month.. However, because the moon is new that night, the sky will be darker and visibility will be maximized. The timing and location of the Earth allows US viewers to see the best shows, from almost half the sky to just above.

We always want to find as dark a place as possible to see the meteor shower, but it may be especially important for Tauhera Cris, given the slow expected velocities of individual particles.

Tau Herculids — What’s New in the Meteor Shower Scene

The Tau Herculid Shower is derived from a comet known as SW3, which was first discovered in 1930 and is believed to have begun to fragment in 1995. Debris to the comet, the position of the Earth, and the speed can create an impressive viewing experience.

However, this is not just a guess.

When looking at the Tauhera Cris meteor shower

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