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When I see many planets lined up in the sky this month

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Did you think Venus and Jupiter appear to line up in the sky Was it cool at the beginning of this year?Certainly, the conjunction is are you OKBut this month, the five planetsligNing.. Objectively, it’s much cooler,And you should strive to check it. Here’s what you need to know to do this:

Which planets are lined up?

According to live scienceMercury may already be Looks close Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter in the pre-dawn sky all depend on the visibility conditions in your area. This alignment, according to Live Science, has been developed for months and represents the first alignment of five visible planets since 2020.

Where, when and how can you see all five planets?

Again, the ability to see the planets lined up depends on the visibility conditions where you are, but roughly speaking, they will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere early in the morning, No telescope or special equipment needed to see them..

According to Live Science, the alignment will take place across the eastern horizon. The best shot is to see it about 45 minutes before sunrise. your Here a local forecast of sunrise every day..sunrise Will change from day to day Different regions of Hemisphere — and that Smoke to get up Fast but not fast Sufficient..

Mercury is scheduled to line up around June 10, but it will continue to rise above the horizon every day, so don’t worry if terrain or buildings obstruct your view at first. Your best bet is to try to capture the landscape in late June, but keep in mind that Mercury will return below the horizon. Early July. TThe June 27th crescent helps identify Mercury if you’re having a hard time, as the planets are directly below and to the right. Crescent Moon..

You can distinguish between stars and planets by looking for consistent light. It looks like the stars are twinkling, The light from the planet remains stable. Find 5 of those stable lights. Looking at the alignment, Mercury is the easternmost, with bright Venus, orange Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn moving westward.

When I see many planets lined up in the sky this month

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